Himalayan by Stuart "Vovin" Presley on May 22, 2001

Capture the Flag Snow Clear Bots Client Side

Two mirrored bases are set in the snowy mountains of the Himalayans. Vehicle pad will provide air support, 3 mounted base turrets will provide AA Support. Take out one generator to disable the forcefields surrounding the flag on top of the base. Take out the other generator to disable the support.


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by Asland [2mrn] on May 23, 2001 · Rating:

This is a very playable map which may offer some very good games. However, there is nothing 'unique' about it. Its your standard "two-bases-seperated-by-mountians-and-you-have-to-take-out-the-generator" map. Dont get me wrong, I love the fact that you must get to the generator before the flag, that means almost certainly you must play as a team. However, nothing really sets this map aside from others, no reason to play this over others. I love the terrain and its very well desigend for longer games. I for one would like a little more imagination.

by Papa Fatcheeks on May 26, 2001 · Rating:

I would say that if this map is bsed on air support then it's HORRIBLE. Some of the mountains are so high you can barely get over them and it's hard to attack with shrikes without endangering yourself(GREATLY). It's not a complete flunker though.

by Asland [2mrn] on June 3, 2001 · Rating:

Yes, I'm changing my origonal grade... As geekish as it sounds, I had some friends over this past weekend, for a T2 LAN party. There were 3 maps that made up 99\% of our playing time, including; Reversion River (a MUST and our overall favorite), Entropia (version 2 if theres any question), and rounding out the three, yes, Himalayan. I'm not backing down from my origonal statement that the maps lacks inventivness, however, being simplistic yet solid allowed for hours (yes, hours, pathetic eh?) of uniterupted, well played T2 at its finest. So, in short, its is still unorigonal, and a major downside, for me, there is no use of land vehicles due to the steep terrain, but i will give credit where credit is due and say "a job well done" on an overall solid map.