Run to the hills by Wipeout on July 12, 2003

Capture the Flag Lush Storming

In the pictures I have labeled each base so I could explain how this map works alittle easier.

Each of the 3 towers contains a generator, each generator powers a different group of items. The east base (West for Diamond Sword Team)is probably your most important base to protect because it powers all inventory stations and the vehical pad. The east base generator has force fields to help protect it. It is still possible to destroy the east generator with these force fields on buts its not nearly as easy.

The south (North for Diamond Sword team) generator powers all Force Fields. This generator is the easyest to destroy. When the south generator is down it makes the other two generators alot easier to destroy espesally the east generator.

The north generator (South for Diamond Sword Team) powers all Turrets and Sensors. All three turrets start off with plasma barrel which might not be the best choise of barrels, so someone will need to change them for better defence.

In a game with a pretty good amount of people this should make it more fun for the offence and the defence because you will have more options on where to defend and where to attack first and if you like to defend every once in a while like me you there will be a less chance of having 3 people gaurding the generator stealing your kills and puting turrets where you dont like them.

One tip of advise would be deploy inventory stations quick because if you base gets destroyed theres only 1 repair pack and its directly in the middle of the map. Enjoy :) and plz write review.

(Please Note that the pictures are darker for some reason than the map really is and I raised visable distance for the pictures.)


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