Ancient Ruins by PB*Tech on August 14, 2001

Capture the Flag Desert Clear Bots

This is my second map. It is team oriented and very balanced. All vehicles are available and includes BASIC bot support. The main bases and flag towers are linked by an underground tunnel. Gens for the base and tower are located in a bunker at the center of the tunnel. The real challenge here is getting to the gens. One gen powers the tower and FF's that protect the flag. Two power the main base. You must go through the base to get to the gens, but once they are down they are accessable from outside.


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by PB*Tech on August 27, 2001 · Rating:

Actually, it's not that difficult to go from the entrance of the base to the gens in the tunnel. The entrance to the tunnel is just one level down at the front-left corner of the base, VERY close the the front entrance of the base. If you just explore a little and familiarize yourself with the layout, you should be able to make the entire trip (from entrance to gens) in about 25 seconds at most. As for spawning in the middle of the map, let me make it clear that you do not spawn at the CENTER but there are two towers (one for each team) that are NEAR the middle of the map. And there is a 40\% chance of spawning there. If you do, there is an energy pack in the tower that you can pick up. I do agree that the main base building (only part of the complex) is a little too much, unfortunately it was the only one available that matched the rest of the buildings. But as i stated earlier, the tunnel entrance is basically right next to the entrance of the base. In most cases, there is no need to go the long way, unless the nme D has blocked the short route :)

I hope that clears things up a bit. Thanks for the feedback so far. If anyone else has any comments, please post them here.

by StupidBeater on August 27, 2001 · Rating:

Didn't care for this one. Half the time you spawn in the middle of the map and half the time somewhere in your maze of a base. That base should never have been used. Also, you have forcefields around the flag but you have to find your way through the maze of a base to get to the generators. I took me quite a while to go from my gens back to my base in order to go the other direction to take down the enemy generators. The whole thing just seems like a big mess.

by Aarakocra on September 19, 2001 · Rating:

The map itself isn't bad, but I think the main base area needs a backdoor before the gens are down. The shielded area provided by the only entrance when the fields are up can be nearly inassailable to all except heavies, whose mortars work fairly well there. Sentry turrets right inside the doorway neutralizes cloaking and the single entrance tells the defenders exactly where they need to be. The second level from which the entrance can be guarded from doesn't help either. Also, the sheer size of the base and the fact that most foes start outside means that you could face a single defender two or three times before reaching the gens and all three times they would most likely be comming from behind you. Also, I'm curious as to why you chose an AA turret for the lower turret. I think plasma would be a better choice. Mortar might work well too, but won't help against incomming air units (transport and bomber come immediately to mind).

by Piccolo22 on June 11, 2002 · Rating:

I like this map a lot. I really like the passage way leading from the base to the to generators and the room with the flag.