Bridge_of_Death by Computer5k on February 2, 2003

Arena Other Raining Bots Night

This is the first map I ever made so dont be surprised if it's bad.

I dont know how it will play with a lot of people because i have a firewall so i cant make a server.

Please put it on your server so people can actually see it.

Warlords Wasteland by EEPROM on January 25, 2003

Capture the Flag Desert Storming Bots Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

This is the second map in the Warlords series. This battle takes place on a planet once covered by thick green vegetation, lakes and rivers. After the great eruption of the planet’s core most of the land was turned to barren wasteland. The Warlords now fight for survival.

The main bases in this map are heavily defended with rocket and mortar turrets. I recommend sneaking into the dungeon and then make your way up to the gen room and take out the gen first. There are many secret passages in the main base interior.

Sanitarium by Wipeout on January 19, 2003

Capture the Flag Deathmatch Lush Clear Bots Client Side

This is a little bit of a older school type map with fast skiing, smooth hills ,and a switch tower in the middle of the map. Theres also ForceField covering most of the vehicalstation so people cant kill you while your buying a vehicle unless there right behind you. For the switch tower I used one of the interiors off the Dynamix final map pack so you will need the dynamix final map pack for the map to work properly if you dont already have it. Each side is almost identical. Please Try out this map youll like it trust me. Cya
Thanks for downloading.

Raptor by Lagg_Alot on January 17, 2003

Capture the Flag Lush Clear Bots

This CTF map is mostly water save for a few small islands. The best way to get around is to use vehicles. In fact trying to cap without an energy pack or a vehicle can be very difficult. There is a capturable base with vehicle pad, inventories and spawn field on a small island half way between team bases. The capturable base has the only vehicle pad that hosts land vehicles. The main base consists of two bunkers with inventories and turrets, each powered separately. So if one generator is destroyed, only one bunker, one turret and large sensor is disabled.

Warlords I by EEPROM on January 14, 2003

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing Bots Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes Night

Perhaps another pile of trash from EEPROM. Due to the lack of internet access I have had in the past few months I have been focusing most of my mapping on single player missions with playable bot support. This is a first of a series of maps that will be coming out called the Warlords war pack. This war takes place in a huge crater on an ice planet. The fight is over a gem that contains a great power source. I’m sure those of you will lower end systems will experience fps problems and it has nothing to do with not knowing how to build interiors for T2.

Camelot by Golarth on December 30, 2002

Siege Lush Clear Bots

I started this map last july, and just now I'm finally getting around to releasing it. This map is designed around a traditional Castle Siege, complete with working drawbridge. I tried to make it look good while still being server side and work well on older machines(It was playable on my old 500Mhz machine).

Gameplay goes as follows: The two base generators must be taken down to expose the forcefield generator. Once the forcefield gen is down, the switch is exposed for the cap.

Lake Trinity by Jugger d2 on December 30, 2002

Capture the Flag Lush Foggy Bots Client Side

This is my basic map kind of like Magmatic really but A LOT of water. Not much to really tell you about it except this is my second map. It is bot supported but they just really sit on the bottom for the most part.

Unholy Ground by SSBeast on December 29, 2002

Capture the Flag Snow Clear Bots Client Side Custom Shapes

Here you go again. More custom goodness from you know who.

Ok here's the layout. Each base consists of 4 structures.

1. The flag stand is the center of each base. Very open and exposed, but easily defended.

2. Behind the flag stand is the bunker. It contains 3 inventory stations and both generators as well as the emergency repair pack.

3. and 4. are the floating pods. Elevated on both sides of the flag stand these pods make perfect watch towers and sniper homes.

All Rivers Run by nutcracker on December 29, 2002

Capture the Flag Other Siege Lush Clear Bots Client Side Custom Textures

This map can be used for three game types; TR2, Siege and CTF. Theoretically, I could have done this without scripting but I decided to make some major changes to the map for each type.
I have included a script that omits creating a trigger for inventory stations that are specific for each game type based on the mission type of the station. I have also created a trigger that kills bots when they get “stuck” in the rivers(attempting to go against the flow). However it produces console spam and is rather untested.