Caldera -Christmas Edition- by Celios on December 24, 2002

Siege Snow Snowing Bots

I've worked overtime 24/7 for 2 days now and I think my creation is ready. It's SS and has some really cool changes (including some gameplaywise.)

Changes (taken from .mis):
-Press Escape in-game to see the full list of Changes:
-The Offence now has a Forward Base inside the Defensive Base. Simply destroy the Equipment Generator once to access it.
-The flaming Caldera has been transformed into an ice rink! And guess what the game is? Hockey!
-There is now a Defensive Shrike. Finding the carefully hidden "present" under one of the trees just might let you use it!

ToxicGraveyard by SSBeast on December 24, 2002

Capture the Flag Desert Foggy Bots Client Side Custom Shapes Night

Well I hope you enjoy this one. It's my first dive into the world of custom objects.

This map is pretty easy. Each team has 4 teleporter pads. One is inside the flag tower which will take you up to the top (since there are no stairs) and one inside the vehicle bay (protected by ff's) which also leads to the top of the tower. Each pad operates for both teams in both directions and will allow you to take the flag thru it. There are 2 generators per team.

Silent Winds by Shadow Facts on December 22, 2002

Capture the Flag Lush Clear Bots Client Side Custom Shapes

This is my third custom shape map; the map is a nice size bases are 1km apart from each other flag is open in side the base so defence will have to do some work in defending the flag. Teams get two hangers, one has a vehicle pad and one with players can store vehicles for repair. The main base has a Control Tower with looks over the base and about haft of the map. The map has three islands; two for the bases and one central island witch is very open and has two bunkers.

The Forgotten Lands of KUTULU ch3 Rlyeh by SSBeast on December 2, 2002

Capture the Flag Lush Clear Bots Night

Ok this is the third and final chapter in "The Forgotten Lands of KUTULU" trilogy called "The Temple of R'lyeh". I hope everyone enjoys it.

First off there are no defenses for either base. No base turrets or even sensors. So defense of the flag is critical on this map. The bases themselves are incredibly small with one gen on the roof and everything else out behind it on platforms.

Lost Desert by Uncle Bob on December 1, 2002

Capture the Flag Desert Foggy Bots Client Side Night

Okay...Igot my editor to work. Made this map as a test. So I can get back to Tron and WC. About this map...simple, Flags in the open, Bots are killers.
Great terain for dog fights and such. Also good to ski. Visiable Distance to fair for snipers to.
Added some new bot skins to called Hunters when you choose them. Nothing special...had them for awhile. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the map! Now back to TRON.........

Machineheads Flag Arena by machinehead on November 27, 2002

Capture the Flag Other Clear Bots

This is a very fast paced ctf map.. Its something like the flag arena in tribes 1. Ive had 60 bots and a few live players in it so far everything seems to work good. There is no inventory's but there is allot of weapons and packs ,also there is a easter egg if you can find it :)

Remorse by Uncle Bob on November 23, 2002

Capture the Flag Volcanic Storming Bots Client Side Custom Shapes Night

Here we are again. Made these simple bases in WC. Been awhile using it, so I needed some good old practice. Hope you like.
Flags in the open, CnH bridge in the middle/shortcut to flag.
Made the map with vehicles in mind. Just a basic straight up shooter in my eyes. Bots work well. Had to make the graphs 3 dang times for them to work well enough, just to SAY they work well enough. They will get the flag and fight. So that I am happy. Well I'll ley you all DL and see for yourself. Have fun!
Till next map...