Custom Shapes

Ashen Powder by Cinderkarst on August 14, 2004

Capture the Flag Volcanic Foggy Client Side Custom Shapes

Here is the final map of the xC map pack, finally. :)

Ashen Powder is based on an old post by Evil Napkin as well as a mission in the Playstation game Warhawk.

The battleground is about 1000km away from a massive volcanic eruption site. The explosion of the cinder cone has covered the ground in a dense cloud of dust and debris. Even now, bombs and ash still fall from the sky. Within this choking fog, two teams battle it out the only way they know how.

The flags stand over 850m apart, on the "lip" of each team's base.

Outland Kings by Cinderkarst on August 7, 2004

Capture the Flag Desert Foggy Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

My seventh clientside map focuses on close combat, as well as judicious use of limited assets. It serves 7v7 the best, but should scale well up to 12v12 (hopefully).

Each team starts out with two MPBs in addition to their "solid" base assets. They don't respawn, so once they get torn up that's the end of'em.

The terrain is very ski-friendly, with plenty of cover and places to hide deployable invos.

The base complexes themselves are home to a turret, a sensor, six invos, and a generator.

Bloodmoon - Belly of the Beast by SSBeast on June 30, 2004

Capture the Flag Desert Clear Bots Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes Night

The demons raged their wars for a thousand years. Until the day they finally returned to dust. Their wreckage and armor was scattered across the barren wastes. The few survivors of the doomed planet gathered and began to rebuild. It didn't take long to realise that the years had taken their toll on the people. The need to kill had etched itself into their very chromosomes. It had become an instinct. A craving. The final curse of the demons. It was their checkmate against those that had forgotten so many years before. A cruel joke. So those that had forgotten, would be forgotten.

Xerxes by Cinderkarst on June 20, 2004

Capture the Flag Desert Clear Client Side Custom Shapes Night

Xerxes was created out of my desire to create a "Valley of the Kings" type of environment. What was created was a land of winding canyons where windblown sand rolls along the ground. A place of power, ancient and great.

Is this dramatic enough for you yet, or should I pour a little more literary heat into it? No? Well, we'll just get to the mechanics of the thing then.

Each team controls a Pillar Tomb base, which houses the main generator and six inventories. Just outside, one will find the flag in an obelisk.

Helion by Cinderkarst on June 6, 2004

Capture the Flag Lush Clear Client Side Custom Shapes

Helion is built on probably one of the oldest concepts in T2: Make the capper's life miserable. The area around the flagstand does just that. Dense water under the stand leaves them floating while the defense spanks them and the ELF turrets saps their life. And forget about taking those turrets out for any extended period of time, as there's a repair pack sitting right there.

River Styx by Cinderkarst on May 30, 2004

Capture the Flag Volcanic Foggy Client Side Custom Shapes Night

River Styx is, essentially, a remake of |HV|_Tex's "A River Runs Through It". Many balance issues were recognized when this saw play in the Blood Eagle Mini League, and this map seeks to correct them while being unique in its own right. The premise of the map (dead warriors fighting it out in Purgatory) has probably been done before, but I can guarantee in not as bombastic (or screwed up, depending on who you ask) a fashion.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of, uh, "wholesome" activities going on in the mission.

A big thanks to Mercen4ry for the idea of the screaming souls. :D

Hymn of Morning by Cinderkarst on May 28, 2004

Capture the Flag Lush Clear Client Side Custom Shapes

Hymn of Morning is a collaborative work between myself and Evil Napkin. He started making this map (which was at the time called "Morning"), then quit halfway. Not being able to see a perfectly good terrain go to waste, I adapted the terrain and put the crown jewel of a map I was developing (called "Hymn of Silence") in the middle of it. Thus, Hymn of Morning was born.

The gameplay is fast and fun, with plenty of things to do and stuff to see.

Slush by Cinderkarst on May 18, 2004

Capture the Flag Snow Clear Client Side Custom Shapes

From the Read Me file...
This map is all about speed and hardcore Classic CTF gameplay. There are no gens to bring down, no turrets to destroy. Just 16 inventories, 4 Shrikes, 2 bombers, and 1 flag for each team. This map can be played 7v7 to 20v20 and still be a blast.

The building is a custom make, with a large open middle area for dueling with heavies and other attackers into the base proper. On top of each base there's a vehicle station and a repair pack. Distance flag-to-flag is somewhere near 800m, but the map can play a whole lot "closer" than that.