Custom Textures

Warlords I by EEPROM on January 14, 2003

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing Bots Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes Night

Perhaps another pile of trash from EEPROM. Due to the lack of internet access I have had in the past few months I have been focusing most of my mapping on single player missions with playable bot support. This is a first of a series of maps that will be coming out called the Warlords war pack. This war takes place in a huge crater on an ice planet. The fight is over a gem that contains a great power source. I’m sure those of you will lower end systems will experience fps problems and it has nothing to do with not knowing how to build interiors for T2.

Death Match RPG by Shalos on January 12, 2003

Other Volcanic Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes Night

This is inlcuded with the Tribes 2 RPG mod that has just released its alpha version(DeathMatch). T2rpg is based of Tribes 1 RPG.

You must have the mod to play this map and can get it here.

The map includes some bridges, a broke up town.. and a prison area to fight by.. The mod is RPG style fight other players with swords and can even cast a few spells.. The release allows you to code in more spells if you like.. This is the final release for the DeathMatch version of T2rpg..

Cinereous by Killin is fun on January 5, 2003

Capture the Flag Volcanic Foggy Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes Night

Cinereous is a medium sized map with a very simple base layout. It’s a dark map, taking place in a volcanic environment. Each team has a flag stand, which is pretty much wide open. The stand has a plasma turret in close proximity, which is aided by a large pulse sensor on a nearby hill. Behind the flag stand, each team has two inventory stations sitting on two hills near the boundary of the map. These are exposed to long-range fire from every direction, and will be difficult to keep up.

Skylight by Killin is fun on January 4, 2003

Capture the Flag Lush Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

Skylight is a small, fast-playing map. I originally intended for it to be part of a larger map pack, but I lost interest in the middle of making map number four. Skylight is very simple. Each team has a base and a flag stand. The base is underground, located on a hill behind the flag stand. It contains four inventory stations. There are no generators, and there’s a repair pack in the middle of the base, which can be used to quickly repair a station and go.

The flag is out in the open, and is protected by an elf turret.

All Rivers Run by nutcracker on December 29, 2002

Capture the Flag Other Siege Lush Clear Bots Client Side Custom Textures

This map can be used for three game types; TR2, Siege and CTF. Theoretically, I could have done this without scripting but I decided to make some major changes to the map for each type.
I have included a script that omits creating a trigger for inventory stations that are specific for each game type based on the mission type of the station. I have also created a trigger that kills bots when they get “stuck” in the rivers(attempting to go against the flow). However it produces console spam and is rather untested.

Sub pack by Cyborg_Boba_fet on December 21, 2002

Capture the Flag Siege Other Foggy Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

Well. After much time of planning, interior making, editor fixing, interior fixing, patch downloading. I finaly got to finish my map. but they are two different maps. one is siege and the other is ctf. so i decided to put it in a pack insted of seperate maps.

o yes i almost forgot. i did make a scuba diver skin for this map. I hope that this map will get some good grades.

Classic Arena Pack by FlyingElmo on December 9, 2002

Arena Other Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

You've been asking for it since the first version of arena
hit Tribes II servers. Now, one year later, your wishes
have been answered.

I'm happy to present to you the first full-fledged attempt
at bringing the most memorable Tribes I arena maps into
Tribes II. This has been made possible through the hard
work of many individuals, as well as the people who brought
the originals to us to begin with.

Included in this pack are 9 serverside maps, and 1 client-
side map.

Pyramid by TheBerk on December 7, 2002

Siege Desert Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

My first seige map.. : )
This spent some time in beta and is on the pond.. I redid the textures and got it down in size.. so this is completely seprate from my other maps.. this is a stand alone map.. : )
same thing for the textures and palms.. : )
hope it plays ok..
It may be awhile for a new map so I decided to post these while I work on the rest.. : )

Football3 by TheBerk on December 6, 2002

Other Desert Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

Another football map with the egyptian textures theme..
I got these textures so long ago, and I just love them..
so special thanks to the guy who made them.. : )
his info is in my EgyptMap.vl2 if you would like to look it up.. : )
palm trees again because they fit so well.. : )
and something new.. some custom ground textures.. : )
should be interesting.. they didnt get into the screenies as I took the screenies earlier.. : )
but basically the same.. :)
I managed to reduce the textures in size so it should make for a smaller download..