Fumarole by Lagg_Alot on June 30, 2004

Siege Volcanic Foggy Bots Night

This Siege mission has 3 Solar Panels to gain access to the Defender’s Base. Two Main Generators as well as one Reserve Generator exposes the Switch. The Defenders are going to have to work hard in this mission. The Solar Panels power separately the Entrance Inventory Stations and their Force Fields. Spawns are linked to the Main Generators causing the Defenders to only Spawn Outside if they are down . The Reserve Generator is deep in the cellar and well Defended, it powers 2 Inventory Stations and a Sentry Turret. It will not be easy to Defended the Objective Switch if it is exposed.

Xerxes by Cinderkarst on June 20, 2004

Capture the Flag Desert Clear Client Side Custom Shapes Night

Xerxes was created out of my desire to create a "Valley of the Kings" type of environment. What was created was a land of winding canyons where windblown sand rolls along the ground. A place of power, ancient and great.

Is this dramatic enough for you yet, or should I pour a little more literary heat into it? No? Well, we'll just get to the mechanics of the thing then.

Each team controls a Pillar Tomb base, which houses the main generator and six inventories. Just outside, one will find the flag in an obelisk.

River Styx by Cinderkarst on May 30, 2004

Capture the Flag Volcanic Foggy Client Side Custom Shapes Night

River Styx is, essentially, a remake of |HV|_Tex's "A River Runs Through It". Many balance issues were recognized when this saw play in the Blood Eagle Mini League, and this map seeks to correct them while being unique in its own right. The premise of the map (dead warriors fighting it out in Purgatory) has probably been done before, but I can guarantee in not as bombastic (or screwed up, depending on who you ask) a fashion.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of, uh, "wholesome" activities going on in the mission.

A big thanks to Mercen4ry for the idea of the screaming souls. :D

Sledgehammer by kLUMSY bOT on April 24, 2004

Siege Lush Foggy Bots Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes Night

Sledgehammer is my 7th and my last map. It was made with the intention that I bring a few new possibilities to siege as my parting gift. This is not an easy map! This may not be the last you see of the dropship...

Anyway: to bugs. I know that bots try to get through ffs. That cant be helped without some very messy bot scripting. Bots forget their tasks easily - nothing can be done either. The vehicles may have some difficulty moving off thier spawn locations - espically bomber and havoc. Just wiggle them around a bit.

Faukon by ZOD on March 30, 2004

Capture the Flag Defend and Destroy Volcanic Foggy Bots Night

Large dual gametype map, CTF and DnD. Capturable center objective "The Faukon" holds the only vehicle station. Heavily scripted Bot support code by Lagg_Alot.

Some gameplay altering scripting was done. You can dumbfire the Missile Launcher and it does not lock onto players, but the turret does. You can undeploy deployables simply by walking up to one, looking at it and pressing your pack key. This was put in because maybe you do not like where the bot placed something.

Muric by ZOD on March 22, 2004

Capture the Flag Desert Clear Night

Small map, about 500 meters base to base. No vehicles. No sking really but the water more then makes up for it ;-)

This was to have bot support but the terrain and bases turned out to be very bad for bots to navigate. I made several hack attempts to no avail :(

Darkmoor by Shambling Mound on January 28, 2004

Capture the Flag Lush Clear Night

This is my second map, feel free to tear it apart. I know it's a large .mis file, there are certainly a lot of objects in the playing area but the framerate should be acceptable all around.

Nothing fancy, simple balanced-base CTF with a straightforward center objective.

Retsam by Sfphinx on January 28, 2004

Capture the Flag Lush Storming Night

Well just another attempt at a decent CTF, you will have to know how I did. I tried to keep this simple, here goes.

Each team has a base with a couple of inventory stations, one base turret, and one sensor array. There is a center objective that allows players to do something other then just try and cap the flag. It should encourage some nice dueling.

Not much else other then that.

Enjoy! Let me know what you think.