Bloodmoon by SSBeast on October 21, 2003

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Badlands Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes Night

The BloodMoon rose as an ill omen on the horizon. To the ancient ones, who knew it's meaning, it could only bring evil and destuction. The people gazed in terror as the planet trembled, but it was only the beginning of the horror. A corruption filled the air like the stench of a decaying corpse. The once clear blue waters of the land ran red and thick with blood. All those that drank from it went mad with a sickening thirst. Then the sky's opened and unleashed it's burning wrath. It scorched the lands leaving it uninhabitable and baren.

Sky High Bastard by Bramage on October 9, 2003

Capture the Flag Other Foggy Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes Night

I made the mistake of not crediting the authors of the custom objects and to this I apologize.

This is the updated Map with the proper credits. It also has the texture issue with the terrain.

There is a main base which was done by the group that made the Adumla Hills Single Player maps. The flag sits back from there and is not totally covered but also not totally covered.

The drop ships above are by EEPROM and have 2 Inventories in them as well.

If I missed anyone in crediting this map please e-mail me and let me know soonest so I can update the credits.

Ghosts Of Ymir by Riavan on October 3, 2003

Capture the Flag Snow Foggy Night

After six and a half years, we're back on Ymir. This was our world once, warrior. Before the Hordes slaughtered us. Can you hear the ghosts in the wind? I can.
- Starwolf Strike Colonel Akanruth

Namek by Riavan on October 2, 2003

Capture the Flag Lush Clear Night

Namek is a unique Bioderm world, the lighting on the planet is a mystifying green, One of the few places in the galaxy where the Bioderm can spawn. Our entrance through the atmosphere has caused severe changes in weather patterns. Lightning strikes are everywhere. Luckily they don't seem to be hitting to many of our new bloods. The Namek Bioderms are vicious and cruel, and have a deep vengeance to take for us disrupting our planet. Our base is equipped with a vehicle station on the roof, with both Shrike and Havoc flyers.

Deadmarshes by kLUMSY bOT on October 2, 2003

Bounty Deathmatch Hunters Rabbit Team Hunters Lush Raining Bots Client Side Custom Shapes Night

Deadmarshes is the 3rd map I've created. I is a very fast and evil map, on an open plain with water everywhere.

A tower in the middle (sorry Nefilim!) is the hub of the map, although there are weapon and health caches around the perimiter.

I have an interesting new way around those annoying OOBers. Previously, lightning made sure that no-one ventured beyond boundaries, but now, I've made a better, non-violent way to keep players in...

*Its just not the same!

Endless Waltz by Ensign Munro on September 18, 2003

Capture the Flag Lush Clear Night

This is the last map i am going to upload before i hit my leave of absence for Tribes 2.

Be warned: The Ground fog has something to hide. Jump in at your own risk!

Both teams have a vpad (took me forever to get working), a flag (that is given), a FF gen, a main gen, and a turret gaurding the Flag. There is a capturable objective located in the center of the map.

Also, another warning. If you plan to tkae a vehicle into the fog, you will be sorry :-).

Ther are 3 repari packs per side.

Astroid Field by CKarl on September 18, 2003

Other Other Clear Night

Ever wanted to build in space but you didn't fell like it/you don't know how to do it? Well I did it for you!

(Works best with Quantium 2.3, 'setgravity(0);' in the console, grab your grapling hook and start having some space building fun!