Vulcans Hammer by Golarth on June 22, 2003

Siege Volcanic Foggy Night

The offense starts out on a floating base on the far side of a smouldering volcano. At its foot lie two defensive bases to the east and west. Beyond is an expansive sea of lava. These bases contain generators that protect the Switch generator, located in the central tower. This tower is situated in the middle of a lava pool, surrounded by a narrow walkway. Once the Switch generator is destroyed, the switch in the lower portion of the tower is exposed for the cap.
There are also two hidden generators, providing power to the tower's inventory stations.

KittyKats Cradle by DSEZKiller on June 17, 2003

Arena Other Other Clear Night

This map is in loving memory of a good friend of mine (KittyKat) who died April 23, 2003. Cause of death was bleeding to death while having a baby. The baby is fine and the baby is at home with Josie's (KittyKats) husband Chris. This map resembles heaven in which KittyKat's soul will rest forever. Thanks to everyone who has sopported me in makin this map. I feel this is the only way i may help her legacy live on. -- DSEZ

Caligo by Celios on June 10, 2003

Siege Other Raining Night

Caligo is my newest Siege map which I have taken many weeks to prepare. It is set in a dark and rainy environment with a distinctly original mood. A lot of attention has been paid to making everything as perfect gameplay-wise and mood-wise as possible. <P> The Offence starts in a centrally located bunker. From there, they must ski to the West Tower and East Base to take out the Generators there. Both of these generators must be down simultaneously to allow the Offence to cap. Once a Generator goes down, the Defence stops spawning there until that Generator is repaired.

Cowboy Bebop by TribalMa5ter on May 29, 2003

Capture the Flag Other Clear Bots Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes Night

Yeah , Its been a little slow around here lately, but that doesn't mean T2 maping is dead . I've been doing other projects and been putting off releasing this map, tweeking it out and adding bots. the file size is big but it has bot support ,custom textured bases and terrain.
The flag is set inside what used to be a bio dome ,I'd recommend a quick bombing run to take down any deployed resistance inside the dome.

Nefascrana by The Driver on May 26, 2003

Capture the Flag Volcanic Clear Client Side Night

Following on my theme of "Minotour Inspired" maps I concoted this little number.
Flags are within 60 meters of each other... however... that doesn't mean capturing will be easy! The flags are well out of the grasp of any would be "lone wolf" capper since they are bunkered within the centre base, beyond several forcefields.
You wont win this map without co-ordination!
Each team "owns" a set of forcefields. The power to these forcefields are controlled by a generator (which also controlls base assets too).

Giga Bots by Sephur on May 25, 2003

Capture the Flag Other Volcanic Clear Night

I've always loved giant robots, but hated gundam and all that crap it makes. Most of those are really cartoony pieces of crap. So, I bring to you what I like. It took me a long time, nd a lot of patients to finish, but here it is. Complete with A massive array of Turrets, this is a challenge among challenge of CTF maps. The Only problems I encountered were turrets changing their name tags to random numbers between 500 and 800, but who cares, a turret's a turret, and the name doesn't matter.

Dark Snow by Wolfgard on May 11, 2003

Capture the Flag Snow Foggy Night

Dark Snow is a CTF map set in an ice world after dusk, with fog in low laying areas.
Each team has a base on top of a hill and an underground vehicle station.

The base holds the flag and is defended by two base turrets. The base also has inventory stations and shields to help prevent snipping.

Watery Death by Red Shifter on April 15, 2003

Arena Other Clear Night

In my long days in the Tribes universe, I've seen many battles. Battles over lava. Battles high in the air. Battles in water too dense to hold an armor. Even battles where the only weapon available is a blaster. But none of that could possibly prepare me for this...

Watery Death is a simplistic Arena map with a twist - the ground is unstable. By shooting the center of any of the 64 tiles, the ground falls out. By taking the ground from beneath your opponent, you can finish off the enemy team quite quickly.

Note that there are no inventory stations.