Bloodmoon by SSBeast on October 21, 2003

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Badlands Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes Night

The BloodMoon rose as an ill omen on the horizon. To the ancient ones, who knew it's meaning, it could only bring evil and destuction. The people gazed in terror as the planet trembled, but it was only the beginning of the horror. A corruption filled the air like the stench of a decaying corpse. The once clear blue waters of the land ran red and thick with blood. All those that drank from it went mad with a sickening thirst. Then the sky's opened and unleashed it's burning wrath. It scorched the lands leaving it uninhabitable and baren. Then the temples rose from the burning ground echoing screams of the damned. Those that had been forgotten. Those that had paid for the lands with their lives. Sacrifices that had kept the deamon at bay for millenia but had been ignored by recent leaders. Leaders that no longer believed in the ancient writings. But would be made to believe again. And so the deamon smiled.

Well enough of the light hearted banter, lets get to the meat of it. This is one tough map. It screams teamwork and should give any T2 vet a run for their money. Lets see 18 custom interiors, blood instead of water, a constant rain of fireballs that can actually hurt you, an underground labyrinth leading from base to base. Two sequenced sets of FF's for each team. Capturable inv's near centerfield. Shadow filled disorienting pyramid bases with secret entrances and a room I call the star chamber. Oriental style vehicle bays with personal launching tubes. And that is just for CTF. A quick word on the FF's. The top of the pyramid houses the flag but is protected by FF's. The only two ways to get it are to either enter the pyramid through the ground floor and fight your way up thru it, then get out alive the same way you came in. Or to find the hidden generator for each team in the labyrinth and destroy it which will knock out the FF's protecting the Gen building topside next to the Vehicle bay, then take out said gen buildings gen to knock out the FF protecting the flag. Simple really ;) I added vehicles for those that wanna try their luck driving one in a rain of fireballs. CnH is slightly different in that each team also has two lakeside launch tubes, no FF's and the labyrinth is closed off. The center field labyrinth entrance is still open but leads to a room with capturable inv's and a flipflop instead.

Got that? Anyway have fun, I had a blast makin it.


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by SSBeast on October 22, 2003 · Rating:

Oh ya, almost forgot this map is actually part 2 of 3. Part 1 is called "Location Zero" and the final chapter is still in the planning stages.

by Mr Tagomi on October 23, 2003 · Rating:

When trying to load this up, after lighting the mission I get kicked with the message 'invalid packet, runGameUpdate()' or something like that.

by Q-Ice on October 25, 2003 · Rating:

SSBeast overall it is a great map, I love the particle emitter in the spawn room and the "star room". The textures are overall nice and appropriately fit, there are some light issues where it is too dark in areas, perhaps that was your intention to do so. The labyrinth is a nice addition, one that can still be confusing each time that you enter it. I like the "cat or demon" head in the center with the claw a very nice piece of design. I don't understand the use of the small huts on the ground. The launch tubes are nice esp if you are the flag carrier, since you can quickly escape and land on the center claw, making you far away from any resistance, but that could also land you in a hotspot. The capturable base needs a title, instead of it saying you have captured "0". I think that you should add sentry turrets to the center capturepoint to make it more of a reason to capture and hold it, perhaps place sentries around the labyrinth. Other than that I think it is a good map, good design, and lots of work that went into it. Definately a teamwork map.

by SSBeast on October 25, 2003 · Rating:

the huts are to give you a breather from the fireballs which can kill you. Unfortunatly it seems now that the fireballs don't always work. I'm checking into it.

by Paint it Black on October 25, 2003 · Rating:

I love this map's atmosphere, it's very unique. Also, it certaintly doesn't play badly. However, there are some things I think you should improve on. Here are my suggestions:
The flag base is too dark, add some lights. The ffs around the flag should let neither team in or out.

by kLUMSY bOT on October 26, 2003 · Rating:

sorry i dont mean to be rude, but:
GraphFile = "Sirocco.nav";

anyway, heaps good map (from screenies) i'm loving that evil cat/demon thingy! You say this is your last map?!

by dick longfellow on July 16, 2004 · Rating:

For the most part, I enjoyed this map. The only problems that i had with it were
A) No bot support.
B) Bad choice of soundtrack. The volcanic or badland music would have set the atmosphere a lot better
C) Bases were too dark.

by SSBeast on July 19, 2004 · Rating:

Hey Fellow glad you liked it, now to your points, a) bots couldn't navigate the bases or the maze so there was no point in adding them. b) If your still listening to the games soundtrack may I suggest getting the DEDamp script from slingscrpts so you can listen to your own mp3's. c) The bases are supposed to be that dark in the hopes of getting you lost or at least disoriented as well as provide many hiding places. Anything else let me know.