Bloody Chaos by Red Shifter on June 9, 2004

Capture and Hold Lush Clear

From the genius that brought you tiles you can shatter and forcefields that power up when you touch a flag; from the insane inventor of Blaster Deathmatch who is known as the l33test blaster master of all time; from the Red Shifter comes a new map.

Bloody Chaos is a Capture and Hold map. As you know, your goal is to touch the four switches and hold them for as long as humanly possible.

Each base has protected inventory stations, two turrets, and a vehicle pad. Each team has immediate access to Wildcat Grav Cycles, Beowulf Tanks, and Havoc Heavy Transports. Of course, try to keep your equipment running.

There are four outposts that your team must claim:

- The Chaos and Strife outposts are in close proximity to your own base, and therefore will be a priority. The outposts have two stations that are exposed to the elements of destruction.

- There is an objective in the Valley. It is protected by a Plasma Turret and has a single inventory station. Because this objective is in the center of the map, a lot of action will take place here.

- Scale the Mountain and you will find a new vehicle station. From this place you can launch an assault or deploy a Mobile Point Base. You will be able to spawn at this place as long as it is under your control.

Bloody Chaos is the first Capture and Hold map that I have created. I am satisfied with the results.


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