Charybdis by Jimomighty on September 16, 2002

Single Player Lush Clear Bots Client Side

Training 1B [v2] In 3941, we came to the star system Ymir: planet Charybdis. Searching for Blood Eagle we stumbled onto the Starwolf tribe. We drove out both tribes. Currently, we have gotten word that Blood Eagle forces have returned. For more information check out:


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by Lagg_Alot on November 4, 2002 · Rating:

I think this is a great single player mission. I am a T2 player not a mapper and I liked this mission. The use of the custom vioces and the whole mission keeps with the games original theme. There is one thing wrong though with the name. It shows up in the single player game list x2. Because that game came with a mission of that name right?

My Bot has a Chaingun for you.

by Scaled_One on April 21, 2003 · Rating:

Very well done Jimbo. not as epic feeling as Abbadon but then again this seems to be near the begaining of the pact war with the derms.