Coconut Fury by Spartan119 on February 11, 2006

Capture the Flag Lush Clear

The name was suggested to me and out of a little goofiness I took it, and formed this map.

Flags are on rather open flag bridges with an AA on the bunker of one side. Nearby are 4 Inventory station in a _Tex style bunker with a missile turret on the roof. These are all overlooked by a large sensor.

Main bases are like the Lakefront style main base with an AA turret on the roof and Medium sensor on the tip top.
2 inventories on mid level along with a generator on mid floor and on bottom floor. Bottom generator is guarded by a sentry turret. Outside is a Vpad with one inventory behind it. A little ways out is a Plasma turret for a little perimeter defense.

Each team has there own island separated by a shallow canal or channel of super water. (the kind that doesn't slow you down). On each end is a gate wall with a tower, and hidden in the tower is a neutral inventory. Throughout the level are trees of many sizes and plants thrown here and there. 2 Hidden item caches exist, one on each island. And along the canal are what I decided to call "Bioderm Palm trees".

Hope you Enjoy!


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by Drummer 90 on March 10, 2006 · Rating:

This is one of the best maps I've seen in quite awhile. Super-water is something that makes the map faster. It's hard to go underwater in turbogravs becuase of the hidden hills, and i think the number of mpb's allowed is too high (that can be fixed though, i'm just going off of what's on EWo where you can have like two or three mpb's). Bases can be raped and defended easily depending on how well the attacker/defender works, instead of those bases that are one sided to defenders or attackers. Overall, an A, and keep up the good work.