Coppice by Jambon on June 27, 2003

Capture and Hold Lush Clear

A lot of people have complained about a lack of CnH maps in the past, so I'm here to remedy that however I can.

This map is fairly simple- 4 towers, one in each corner, and a bunker in the middle. I couldn't figure out how to prevent inventories from being usable before they're captured, so I left it in and called it a feature. :P


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by Lagg_Alot on June 29, 2003 · Rating:

Nice job! Server side with simple objectives. A like the placement of the organics, and the atmosphere. This should make for a lot of killing fun!

My Bot has a Chaingun for you.

by Dr. Pimento on July 7, 2003 · Rating:

Switch the inventories to Team3 just after Mission Load, and you've got it. No one can access an "enemy" station, but once captured, it's all good. Small, ServerSide script, and viola! You could even do it inside your .MIS file, no extra .CS to include. ***** CnH has always been a personal favorite gametype.. loved playing maps where bots would work good with it. I *do* like this map, too.. excellent work. Simple, but not to the point of barrenness, IMO.. good layout for bots, too... if you ever wanna put them in. I like the way the "focus" kinda swirls around the center.. nice gameplay turns there.