Dune Sea by starstriker1 on April 8, 2005

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Well, would you look at that? Its finally done. Put the last tweaks in today after a long negligence of anything tribes related.

This, people, is a map-mod. I can't take credit for doing it first, but I'm proud of it none-the-less. You may not use these scripts in a map of your own without my explicit permission. I'll try to check my PMs on this site.

Now, heres what the map is like. No inventory stations, people, just one huge, well-stocked armoury. There are hundreds of objects scattered around the map in what I HOPE is a convenient setup. Each team has an armoury, a flag tower, and a vehicle pad, with a sensor and two turrets just for fun.

Now, here's the meat of the map: the extra features.

First off, there are THREE custom modelled weapons that you can find in the map. One of them IS unskinned, but its the one thats hard to find. Consider it an easter egg. You'll also find that many old weapons and packs are now usable by light armour...

Next, the vehicles have gotten a big kick. First and foremost, they have no shields but more health. The shrike weapons have been changed, and various other setting have been tweaked. The part I'm most proud of is the damage effects. The shrike and havoc, once they take too much damage, will lose the ability to stay aloft. Get out quick, or go down with the flaming wreck.

Last, the AI has been upgraded. I'm not Lagg_Alot, but I've made the bots capable of seeking out and picking up weapons and packs. They do occasionally decide to hump the grenade launchers, but you can always just give them a shot to be done with that.

Overall, I just hope people enjoy the map. If people like it enough (in particular, the vehicle damage effects), I'll give Pimento a ring and we'll collaborate on a server side version of this.

NOTE TO ADMINS: This is untested, but there is a possibility that even including this map on your server will cause problems with object validation. Maybe it'll only occur after running the map. Bottom line, people won't be able to join without the models.


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by Dr. Pimento on April 9, 2005 · Rating:

And by "poop", I mean "why the hell didn't you get this out SOONER?!"

I like this map, and having been in on the playtesting of it (YEARS AGO - cough cough!), I can attest to its awesomeness.

by starstriker1 on April 9, 2005 · Rating:

Heh... if Pimento likes something I make, he calls it poop. Its simply the way his little brain works ;). As for skinning the last weapon... ever set up UV coordinates before? Not necessarily the most fun task in the world. In retrospect, I should've just removed the weapon as its gameplay uses are questionable, but... meh. :P

by dick longfellow on April 10, 2005 · Rating:

I must say, quality work! I really like the idea of the map. The bases were very nice to look at, and they in fact gave me some inspiration for a future map. The custom weapons and mod stuff were a nice touch. I liked the realism and feel of the terrain as well. Although the bots gave very heavy console spam, they did use the caches well.