Empire by Paint it Black on October 25, 2003

Siege Lush Clear

Before my computer's hard drive was destroyed, I was planning on releasing 2 versions of Empire. One of them was going to be the server side version some of you will know, and the other one was going to be a client side version, with interiors from Akira's maps, as was intended. Unfortunately I am lazy, and cannot be bothered to remake the client side version. This release features the version you'll soon be playing on the pond. Another note: In these screenshots, I removed a lot of the fog that actually appears in the map. This was to give you get a better impression of the map's layout. Anyway, about the map...

Empire plays similarly to an "epic siege" style map, but adds a few twists to the formula.

The defenders have 3 Generators, that are usually taken down in this order: Disruptor generator, Airbase generator and then Switch generator.

However, Empire is not entirely linear, and both offense and defense have more freedom than they usually would in an epic siege map. The offense can attack the Airbase generator in light armour without destroying the Disruptor generator, and the defense are able to repair the Airbase generator (although when they stop spawning there, it will become harder).

This map was designed for classic.

My thanks to Dr. Pimento for testing the map, and Thecarisonfire for motivating me to make Empire. Finally, thanks to A Tiny Fishie and Silver's Revenge. Without your servers, siege would never be played now.


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by Paint it Black on October 25, 2003 · Rating:

FYI, there are 2 small changes from the version originally on the pond: Frictionless forcefields at the attacker's base, and a small bunker, with equipment, near the Switch generator.

by Commando Justin on November 7, 2003 · Rating:

I played this map on the pond and was wondering were i could find it. Itsa cool map. Idont like that u cant repair the first gen but the rest is good.