Flatland Race by crusher 105 on October 12, 2003

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This map is a simple and short race track created by the author [me] and agian its simple and short. THIS map is a modification from Jack Tl's Flatland. if you do not already have flatland.ter the file is included in the .vl2 (take note that this track is possible).


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by crusher 105 on October 12, 2003 · Rating:

hey its me pokemon must die, unfortunately that name would not fit in the name box so i chose this name instead. this is my first map that i have ever released to public ever and I may create a race that can handle mpbs and maybe other race maps, right now i am working on an mpm war/tdm like map.

by Riavan on October 14, 2003 · Rating:

Its ok for a first time map, Contact Kit if your interested in making race maps, or read the forums, as they contain a link to a site you can download the race mod from

by crusher 105 on October 19, 2003 · Rating:

I measured the track and it's only about 1K meters. I'm making an update and it will be 2 or 3 times as long. I might replace the part where you have to do a vertical U turn with a normal turn.

by Saber15 on June 19, 2004 · Rating:

There is One BIG Bug That Needs To Be Squashed. And that is When you Drive on the Ground In A Wild Cat Your Vehicle Trail Stays For A Insane Amount Of Time. Plus The Lining Of The Pieces Needs To Be A Bit Better