ForbiddenGrounds by FlyingElmo on September 27, 2001

Arena Lush Foggy Night

Legend foretells of a mythical temple hidden deep within the forest of Drake. The temple is said to contain treasures unlike anything ever seen...treasures free for the taking.

Few men have ventured into the labyrinth of Drake however, for the legend also warns that those who enter the forest will never return...

Two bands of explorers are risking fate in the hopes of high returns; camped deep within Drake Forest they are now looking for the same reward...though only one will leave with it.

Notes: Capture the Jungle Eye objective to facilitate finding and killing the rival team.

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by VaporTrail on October 21, 2001 · Rating:

Dang Elmo, ever give any thought to doing a CTF map or two? :-)

Seriously though, all your maps are graphically great, I just dont particualarly like the arena gametype.