FrozenFuryCTF by Wichita on November 21, 2005

Capture the Flag Snow Clear

A ctf version of the terrain for FrozenFury Team Rabbit with some neat twists and animated forcefields built in. Teleporters and lava add some interesting challenges.
Miami please pick it up?


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by PinkPanther on December 18, 2005 · Rating:

This map does not work without the terrain file frozenfury.ter from the original FrozenFury map, thus making it client side.

by PinkPanther on December 20, 2005 · Rating:

Hmmhh, there's no FrozenFury.ter in my install. I have the latest version of the game, not by patching though, but by downloading the Fileplanet version. Maybe they left out the TeamRabbit maps...

by Wichita on December 21, 2005 · Rating:

I know it is serverside because we play the map Ghosts of Ymir(uses Frozen Fury.ter) on the MV server which only has clientside maps in the lineup.