A Gathering of Magic by MageMod on November 19, 2003

Capture the Flag Lush Clear Bots Client Side

Dear Player,

A Gathering of Magic is the first map created by |CHAOS MAGE| (AKA- MageMod).

The map is specifically designed for MageMod; however, it is a great map for all servers(CTF)!

The map contains two Bioderm towers, with v-pads for each base. There are force fields on every door except the main entrance. The flag is placed in a position to allow for balanced defensive and offensive game-play. Solar panels control the force fields, and four generators control the inventory station, v-pad, and turrets. Each base is approximately 2000m apart. Even though the map supports bots, the players should control them.

Thank you for downloading the map. Please e-mail me at MageModvX@hotmail.com with suggestions and comments!

Also, download MageMod, the latest modification in fantasy-based first person shooting for T2! geocities.com/magemod/


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by MageMod on November 23, 2003 · Rating:

OK, well i've gotten some feedback from places other than this forum... However, if anyone can help me make this NON client-side, I'd be very happy! To tell you the truth, i'm not sure why this is client side anyway!? It should not be!
Please get back to me!
MageMod / |CHAOS MAGE|

by Commando Justin on November 25, 2003 · Rating:

Hey this map bugged up the Combat PA Server on the 22nd. It had this map running and everytime you tryed to enter it said it was cycling missions. Also this map reminds me of Ruachen Verbotchen.

by MageMod on December 15, 2003 · Rating:

Dude, lo and behold I come to see if there are any constructive comments here, and what do I find? your antagonizing comments again... What is your problem with me? I think you need to get a life, and get outa of mine. I expect to not see your name on any of my map pages again please...