The High Divide by Spartan119 on November 30, 2004

Capture the Flag Other Foggy Client Side

Flags are 800m or so apart. A big mountain divides the 2 teams and it also has an objective on one of its sides.
visible distance is reasonably good, and ground is both grass and snow...

As for the bases, the defense consists of a missle turret a little ways out from the vehicle station, and AA turret is Planted on the frontside of the base, and a plasma turret on the ceiling of the vehicle station 'garage' for some defense in that zone. The Generators are basically at the heart of the base only accessed by inner hallways of the low entrance from the front, some passages from the Vehicle pad 'garage' and a drop down from the upper entrance drops right between the two Base generators. Repair packs are outside the vehicle station and there is one in the small structure outside the front entrance.

The Objective on the Mountainside is defended by 2 AA turrets which are on the top platforms and a Missile turret on the roof; it also has an inventory station up top and one on a lower platform... repair packs lie below the tower in case of destruction...

One base is in a bit more of a hill zone which can provide defensive advantages although the other base which has less hill protection have a much larger range to deploy their mpb (without much hassle they can drive it somewhat close to the enemy base, where as the other team has to go over a few hills to provide a deploy zone near the opponent)