Ice Arena 2 by ($A$)The Thrill on June 9, 2001

Capture the Flag Snow Foggy Bots

A new revision of my Ice Arena map(Yes this is the same author, I recently joined a new clan) Anyway, I added some beauty to the map, hopefully not adding too much to the overall video lag that an arena seems to create. Some nice article emitters that look like lights on the walls, something to break up the monotonous arena. I also added some vehicles to either play around on the ramps in the middle or perhaps use for flag running. Other than that a small change to the bases, there are inventory stations now in the top, so you don't have to go below every time. Enjoy!


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by Burn14 on June 19, 2001 · Rating:

This map is better than Ice Arena. Glad to see you added some more stuff into the arena. Great work Gambit, or what ever your new name is now.

-Bottom line, if you liked Ice Arena, then this one will be a MUST HAVE for you. This is a great Arena map. Personally I think we could use some more of these.

by Zio on July 9, 2001 · Rating:

I really do not like this map. When this map came up on my server, I have people jump out since it is so bad. A unique idea gone bad. I have removed it from my server.

by Thunder looks cool, sounds cool, and feels cool, but its li on September 7, 2001 · Rating:

Err Zio, didnt you write the exact same post in the first Ice Arena with the exact same score...makes you wonder if you were truthful in your comments...must be me

by Commando Justin on June 23, 2003 · Rating:

This is a pretty good map. I like how it is hard to hide and also I like the objective because you can mortor down on the enemy base from it. The only problem with this level I think is the sensor at the objective. It is almost impossible to repair and it gets destroyed quick. For most of the match it is useless. But other than that it is a fun level i enjoy playing.