Kantar - Tank Run by Capto Lamia on January 29, 2002

Single Player Lush Clear Bots Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

Kantar - Tank Run v2. <P> Updated Version, new starting gui, mission is longer. <P> Commander we are loosing the Derms have a new tank and its kicking our butts right off this planet. This new Photon tank is very dangerous so dont stand still when it shoots! We need you and your team to hold a river postion while we try to get in more supplies. Fail and we are all doomed. <P> -------------------------------- <P> Set in the high noon of the day this is a very fast paced mission. Select the number of tanks you wish to fight and go at it. Easy = 1 Medium = 2 Hard = 3 Tanks are not the only threat. Protect your generators and turrets from Horde infantry. <P> Good Luck and have fun!


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by zodiacyborgx on February 3, 2002 · Rating:

It's a good single player map (and a good idea for a new trend, I love single player missions, no k3wl d00ds to mess it up), but I really expected more bot opposition other than those pesky tanks.

by Iczer3 on February 3, 2002 · Rating:

A good idea yes, but it definately needs more enemy bots that come at you in different armors as opposed to just the heavies walking in and the meds in the tanks...

by RenegadeWarrior on February 10, 2002 · Rating:

You actually got bots to operate a tank? This I gotta see. By the way, I like SP missions. Can you create one where you have teammates?

by Deathscythe~40 on February 10, 2002 · Rating:

it would be cool if you could turn this into a multiplayer cooperative mission...all humans against the horde or somthing...

by RenegadeWarrior on February 10, 2002 · Rating:

Oops, this map does have teammates. Heheh I made last comment while dling. I like deathscythe's idea.

by LJ Walker on February 22, 2002 · Rating:


(come on guys join the chant) lol
I love to play single player missions (to freshen up on my skills every once in a while you know) And I wouldn't mind more of them.

by deafmellon on April 28, 2002 · Rating:

What was the point of this map? It looked good, but I found it pointless. Needs alittle more action, to much down time.

by Gorthaur on June 8, 2002 · Rating:

anyways.. this is a great map, it is challenging and fun, but the only problems are it is kind of short and sometimes the last bad guy gets stuck in his tower and you have to go and kill him to win. make some more!

by Capto Lamia on August 13, 2002 · Rating:

This Map has been updated. Several Changes. 1 Less turret. Bots smarter. Mission is longer by about 2 min. Has its own gui now. If your file is 1.9 mb please redownload it. You will need the new one to play the 2nd mission.

by Monkey-Man666 on September 19, 2002 · Rating:

This map was very cool at first, I was stupid enough to try and load it in a lan game. I played first on easy, and it was too easy, I played on hard, it was too hard. It was pretty short with only about 10 derms to kill on easy... should have been in the upper hundreds (Less skill, more derms) But otherwise, Good Job :D