Mastarena by [KeGeN] on April 5, 2004

Arena Bounty Deathmatch Single Player Snow Clear Bots Client Side

Long ago: The Masters built this arena! for all the best fighters to battle in!
Much blood has and been spilled here!~
Many have died trying to prove there worth!
Many have killed showing us theres!
Are you worthy? Its all or nothing! So lets find out!
Thought; I had a moment ago!
~Quietly pondering death when it hits you!~
~Right upside the head!~
Map By:Tribes[Master]KeGeN~


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by [KeGeN] on October 12, 2004 · Rating:

Wow sorry about this version of the map!

You can get the fixed release here!
I Changed it to deathmatch!
Name of the file its in: KeGeNMapPack!
Its uder deathmatch!

Yes I learned my lesson!
My most humblest appology's! == Huh?
Please Forgive & Play On!
Thanks: KeGeN