Mid-Air Challenge by Makavelli on August 1, 2002

Single Player Lush Clear Bots Client Side

Ok this is my first Single Player Map. I noticed that we on;y got five in this catorgory so i said WTF. It's MA challenge it's not completely like the one from Tribes1 it's a mix of that and of the Sniper Challenge. I just modified Hak's Script so definate props to him.

Ok all you have to do is walk onto the platfrom touvh the switch and the then targets will fly and u MA them.

At the end stats are shown.


Ok errors:
For some reason, the flipflop won't always work on the first load when T2 is loaded. I have no clue why and i can't fix it =\ If anyone out there can plz respond. Anyway to fix this just kill yourself with the disc. Then click yes at mission failed screen and it should work :)

that's all the errors... if you find another plz Post ASAP and/or Email me and Jpfish@aol.com

thankz again...

o.. and expect more solo practices in the future...

for a small taste of SL challenge...
in game press ~ and the type
then above the platform a SL will appear for your happy lance needs :) but it won't track your lance shots/kills...

thankz again to Hak for his Sniping mission !!


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by Makavelli on August 4, 2002 · Rating:

what are your computer specs... i wrote it and tested it on a 2 gig 256 ddr sdram with 64 ddr vid card... so not the best cpu to do it on =\ so mabe its horribly on lower end cpu's... i'll check this week... also is anyone having problems with the flip flop... ?? i looked over my source and see that i messed up one thing with the flip flop... every time u touch it it'll spit out bots =\ so only touch it onch... ok any ideas on new training missions... email me ;)

by Death Lobster on August 4, 2002 · Rating:

I have a few bugs with it. If I play it, I have to exit Tribes before I can play it again, if I don't, it will load, but I can't move. Also, sometimes it starts spitting bots out like crazy, and it was over in 3 spurts. Other wise, it is a great idea, good for practice.

by Hundin666 on August 4, 2002 · Rating:

sweet sl compatable, i will be on this map for a while. as fragment witnessed, my sl skills are lower then my dueling(yes its possable).

by starstriker1 on August 3, 2002 · Rating:

Hard is easiest... makes plenty of sense! lol... I'll remember that! I didn't try medium or hard because easy was giving me trouble... D'oh!

by Makavelli on August 1, 2002 · Rating:

i hope u guys enjoy... remember i need help with fixing that flipflop!! also plz leave a grade and why...
also expect more weapon traings in the futrue... that is if u guys want...

by starstriker1 on August 1, 2002 · Rating:

May I suggest a shrike course? Shooting down moving aerial and ground targets would be great! Heh... maybe a timed vehicle obstacle course?

by starstriker1 on August 1, 2002 · Rating:

Nice! My only gripe is that the targets go a little high... but of course, I can't pull of MAs very often or well. (shrug)

by Makavelli on August 1, 2002 · Rating:

sure well i thought that some targets went high... for me the were good... but the one that goes striahg tup and down... the "way" i made it to be played is that you are in the air... using your jets to stay like 100 m up... i shall look into a shriking mission....

by Makavelli on August 3, 2002 · Rating:

ok... another thing i did when i was making the targets was concidering the heavy armor... so they go real high on easy.... but if you try hard the targets are lower... even though the amount to pass is 35 you get better practice... i havn't even beatten hard the most i got was 26 but that was on test... when the bots where really easy ;)... but on the final i get about 20... but i play on hard... so try playing on hard... it's much easier... if u play in heavy armor use easy just stay on pad.... does this make sense...

by Hundin666 on August 4, 2002 · Rating:

for the disk.... mines all buggy as hell.... i dont' get 40 'pulls' i get about 12, and 4 of the same guy are their at once. and on the sl, i can't move, i get stuck facing north, or what ever direction you are at when you hit the switch. but its fun.... how sad, i can't get more then 13 on disk, but alot of sl... yet its buggy.

by Makavelli on August 5, 2002 · Rating:

ok btw...

is there any chance that you guys w/ problems happen to have the new beta patch... i scripted it w/o the beta patch and i'm wonder if that could be why there are errors ??

p.s.. any one w/o the beta patch haveing errors ??

also DL can u play the Sniping mission ok or does that have errors too ??

by Iczer3 on August 9, 2002 · Rating:

Iczer's first review since solving his UE problems (with a large hammer)!!!!! WOOOO!!!!!
Ok, down to business:
The map is very beautiful, lush rolling hills, great FPS (how could it not be with just 4 pieces of anything building wise?), and the practice should help any newbs we get now by turning them into lean, mean, MA disking machines! Well, maybe not lean and mean... You don't really need to move much on the map... When i saw the first wave of bots come shooting up I started thinking: "WEEEE! Skeet shooting range!" and proceded to blast them out of the sky. I especially took pride in killing you Mak :) That and Pimento... Hehe... There is one small flaw (besides the switch as you prior mentioned. I never had problems with it myself): a couple of the bots don't die the second they hit the ground. Especially the one that lands just a few feet from the platform, he stands there for a couple seconds and then dies. Pretty much anyone who sees him there will shoot him, thus registering as a MA disk and getting undeserved credit. The ONE thing i would have liked to have seen is at the end: (assuming it could be done) I would have loved to have seen a "Retry" or something option instead of "End" and having to reload the entire server and go through it again...

by Dr. Pimento on August 12, 2002 · Rating:

What?! I'm in there? A sitting duck, for people to mock at will? I am *highly* offended.. just because my online skill stinks is no call to... (rant, rant, rant.. add in stuff based on your own imagination)

(jk, of course. ;))

by nutcracker on August 16, 2002 · Rating:

Yeah I like this map, but man it is damn hard. You can pass easy by just leaving the recticle on the same spot :). Anyways if you go for another version I suggest putting lava underneath so when the bots hit.....gets rid of Dr Pimento and his silly whatsits ;). Also you heaps of bots if u just keep hitting the flip, By the way I can't get the easter egg to work ;-)

by Makavelli on August 16, 2002 · Rating:

just press ~ then type... SLDuck(); then above the platform is the SL... it will fall onto tbhe platform after a while so mabe look there too...

by Makavelli on August 21, 2002 · Rating:

ok i sent update to bytor... i hope it fixes some things... like not multiple bots... but it's not beta tested so if theres problems post here or email me ASAP

by spaar on September 5, 2002 · Rating:

Good one - been wanting something like this for a long time.

A couple of quick fix ideas:
1) the default (1st) spawn point is good but the other spawn points suck - esp. since you can't disk jump w/out dying.
2) if I ctl-k (I had to once, don't ask), player loses invincibility on respawn.
3) would be nice to have a sound at the start of each pull
4) at the end of mission, it takes a long time to quit

Other things that would be cool would be an option to repeat any pull with the same ducks, or repeat same ducks once if there were none hit, stuff like that.

A super cool extra would be to show targeting like a beacon or t-laser on each duck. I dunno if that's even possible.

Anyway, nice job dude!