Mortalis by Riavan on October 13, 2003

Capture the Flag Other Storming

This isnt one of my major maps, But I still think it has nice potiential none the less. The map contains 2 small bases, divided by a massive ocean/river.
I was encouranged to do this map, by a lad going by the name of Pneumatic and I've always liked _Tex's "Caladan" So I thought I'd give it a quick go myself, so without futher adu...


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by Ensign Munro on October 14, 2003 · Rating:

The terrain is plamsadust. There is a little button called that inspect VL2 file. Then, click on the .mis file, and scroll down until you hit the terrain file. It is that simple. Btw, nice map linna. Good use of interiors and such.

by Riavan on October 14, 2003 · Rating:

Yes, my 3 latest maps "Mortalis, Soul To Soul and A Darkness At Sethenon" all use this terrain, its from a TR2 map. Each use diffrent parts of it, and lighting so I doubt youd be able to tell anyway. I was just seeing how many innovative designs I could make on one Terrain. Enjoy