No Quarter by Lagg_Alot on March 27, 2004

Siege Snow Snowing Bots

Here is a little Siege map that incorporates a few extras that make this a relentless onslaught of incoming hostiles. The Sentry Tower hosts a Spawn and Inventories that if captured by Offense could turn the whole mission into a short order. Defensive Base access is hindered by Entrance as well as Inner Base Force Fields, making it difficult for the attackers to get at the Objective Force Field Generator. The attackers have multiple Deployed MPBs to launch their Siege from all sides. This mission comes with modified Bot support that will not disappoint even the best Tribes 2 players. I hope you enjoy.



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by kittenstomper2 on March 28, 2004 · Rating:

i love this map
and now i can host it on my server =)
excellent job with the bots

by ZOD on March 28, 2004 · Rating:

These bots are top notch killers. It is actually fun to sit in obs and watch them complete the mission. Best bots in T2 bar none.

The outdoors could have used a little spicing up. But overall excellent work by Lagg as always.

by kLUMSY bOT on April 3, 2004 · Rating:

I played it last night on your server. i dont think its quite as good as omann ru since it doesnt have your 1337 vehicle bots and all of the objectives are too far apart.

by RenegadeWarrior on April 8, 2004 · Rating:

Ahhh, the bot god releases another of his maps! As usual, a map that puts the I in AI ;). Looking forward to more maps...