Oasis-Hunters by =MANTIS= on April 14, 2003

Hunters Badlands Clear Bots

This has a nice small playing area which is great for creating YARD SALES.

As with Deathmatch, this map has all the inventory stations however, full Bot support has been added to this Hunters variation. The Nexus is caged on a floating platform elevated above the middle of the map.

My friends and I have been play this map a lot. Enjoy!


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by =MANTIS= on April 21, 2003 · Rating:

Actually this map is based off the DM map Oasis. Respite is similar but is a seige map with another base over the hills.

by Mr Tagomi on May 7, 2003 · Rating:

I don't understand the appeal of respite. It takes 20 minutes to place four SS buildings and a few force fields and create some completely unoriginal gameplay.