The Red X by Spartan119 on October 23, 2004

Capture the Flag Other Clear Bots Client Side Night

Flags very close(less than 400m)
Team bases consist only of a Large sensor and 5 inventory stations. (no buildings) 2 neutral inventory stations are in the middle, one on each side up on a small hill.
No repair packs lying around so the neutral inventories are important if you want to repair your base.
Terrain Layout: The mission area is in a deep pit. the bases are divided by an X shaped hill/barrier that extends to all corners (and is hot lava rock), which divides the mission ariea into 4 zones. the main bases are across from each other and the neutral inventory hills are acroos from each other. Bots aren't programmed to deploy equipment but you can easily fix that up if you want them to deploy stuff without human commands.
---and since this map is client sided I added some different music to it as well.


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by Spartan119 on November 26, 2004 · Rating:

i noticed that the file i used to make these vl2's didnt include any music files so that explains why it doesnt have the music...
heres a link for the music-

after getting it you have to change the name to 'HailfirePeaksIceSide' (although its not actually the lava side version) and then put the file into the 'music' folder which is in the base folder.


by Spartan119 on December 4, 2004 · Rating:

I found something fun to do on this map... start a game with no bots, (or maybe 1) then go in the command console and enter addbots(31);

it makes it full of action.