Riverdance SEi by Sabre on January 18, 2004

Capture the Flag Lush Raining Client Side

Riverdance mirrored using the inferno (low) side.

I previously released a version using the Storm side, but it was suggested that the Inferno side is more interesting with the nice crescent hill on the one side of the base.


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by Q-Ice on January 22, 2004 · Rating:

Bout time someone fixed this map ;)...Sabre I was wondering if you could post a short tutorial in the forums on how to mirror the terrain, I always have a problem keeping the original height from the exported heightmap, when I take it into Photoshop I loose some of the height and the terrian is much flatter when I import...if you have time..that would be appreciated. Great remakes....perhaps TWL and BEML will adopt these maps back into rotation....