RoaR-G-PACK- by =/\CE= on March 4, 2004

Capture the Flag Lush Storming

RoaR tweaked just a hair with a lower visibility,and some other fixed issue that were mentioned in the map test hosted by janus on team super.The visibility level isnt bad like quag or pande..its just right basicly,because of the huge snipe fest this map brings..the flag carrier needs the fog cover to get away.If your are standing at the flag area the midfield is a haze still plenty of snipe site around..but it should just bring down sniping just a hair.Took out one plugged side of the base,adjusted senors and sentry turrets,added more eye candy such as rocks and trees,and some spawn items such as a shock lance,laser rifle,mines,and an energy pack down near the flag area behind the turret.If you want pictures of this map,just look at my regular roar and you will get a basic idea of what it looks like,also i added rain,lightning,and another sky texture,now it looks spooky..HAVE FUN!!


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by =/\CE= on March 7, 2004 · Rating:

This map can be an intense HO map becuase of where the main bases are placed on the hill.This map will be hectic to the maximus on a classic/version2 mod.