Sahara by KoDaK Moments on June 20, 2006

Capture the Flag Desert Clear

Two teams fight for survival as the planet they're stranded on has no resources left. Having to depend on the energy of the sun, the two tribes have setup bases dependant on one objective.

The oil depot. In the center of the map lies a completely functional underground base with full generator power, inventory stations, and a vehicle station. It's a major asset and is key to any victory.

Beside that, two outposts are located in front of both bases, and provides an inventory station along with a solar panel that powers that team's flag forcefield. If the other team destroys that solar panel, the forcefield preventing cappers from grabbing the flag (only from the front - the flag is still capable even if the FF is up).

The bases are designed for a 50/50 mixture of indoor/outdoor.