Small Crossing by Spartan119 on December 24, 2004

Capture the Flag Lush Clear Bots

Simplistic CTF which consists mainly of killing and capturing... No inventory stations, but all packs but sensor jammer and turrets can be found, incluing sensors which can help since their is hilltops all over which make a good spot for a pulse sensor, and motion sensors can be deployed to restrict cloakers in the area. No buildings, but each base has some energy packs, 2 laser rifles, various grenades, mines, health kit, 2 shield packs,pulse and motion sensor packs, and a repair pack. in the middle area, there are two trees, next to each tree is an ammo pack, cloak pack, shocklance, and a health patch. Map is fun to play with 16 bots... for a challenge put a few more bots on the opposing team than your team, with a high level bot difficulty, it can be fun. if you have some friends, feel free to tak all them on and use your teamwork and skill to go 5 on 16 or something, whatever you want, Humans vs humans isn't tested but might be fun 5 on 5 or 10 on 10. Enjoy, and feel free to fix anything you think might improve your gameplay... Enjoy.


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