Speedracer by ]Bio]-[azard[ on June 10, 2002

Capture the Flag Race Desert Clear Client Side

A well designed and detailed racing map! A MUST HAVE for T2 racing fans! Featuring CTF (Capture the Flag) play but on a rip-roaring motocross style racing track equipped with water, jumps, objective controlled auto-repairing pitstops, and even a secret cave!


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by Shadow Facts on June 11, 2002 · Rating:

It looks like you've worked a lot on this map but it needs a bit more of the track to it, because going around in circles is not much fun. So if you make another race map try and put more variety into it

by ]Bio]-[azard[ on June 12, 2002 · Rating:

I hear you. I'm working on the following enhancements:

1. More hazards and variations to the track.

2. Players in vehicles can cap flags.

3. Players in vehicles can pick up and use repair patches (Incentive for going off jumps).

4. Autorepair Pitstops that are powered by a switch underneath center tower.

5. Impulse pads which give you bursts of speed when you drive over them.

Thanks for downloading my map! Keep the comments/criticisms rolling =)

by ]Bio]-[azard[ on June 18, 2002 · Rating:

I sent the updated Speedracer.vl2 to the site admins today. The race track is nearly 5 times as long and winds up and around the central plateau. At the top of the central plateau is an abandoned factory. There is an objective in the factory. The team that holds the objective can take advantage of an autorepairing pitstop. There's more environmental sounds and visuals. Flags no longer block vehicles so you can cap the flags when you're riding, if you're good. Race or die friends!!!

by Nycto on June 23, 2002 · Rating:

Im a big fan of aesthetics in a map, and there were a few things that threw me. The factory, for one, was meant to be imbedded in a hill and thus was modeled with a null texture on the back. It doesn't look too good when you go around back. Perhaps you should make a new one in WC. Also, I would like the terrain around the central pit to be something other than flat. Make it somewhat hilly.

The Repair Pads are cool and I liked the tunnels through the plateau.

Still wasn't able to pick up repair packs while in a vehicle and I wish there was more track. This has a lot of potential, just keep working at it!

by ]Bio]-[azard[ on June 24, 2002 · Rating:

The winding track is comprised of a series of bridge interiors which are rotated and placed into each other at the ends to form a road. I used some archway rocks to form the suspenders except that I inverted them. I wish I could have gotten the repair patch script to work like I planned but I couldn't no matter what I tried so you will have to dismount to pick up items other than the flag which in this map can only be capped when you're mounted. Take out the guns first it's easier then. I think items such as repair patches are treated somewhat differently in the course of collision testing that occurs in Tribes2. Also I'm curious about the null texture comment because I don't have any null textures when I run the map. I will certainly look into it. I'd like to get the repair patch script to work and add more track by creating a force field in a few places that you will have to drive over to get to the additional race track. You will have to hit a switch to turn on the force field "bridges" which will lead to the added track. I've also created a 2nd T2 installation and I'm gonna get my feet wet in Valve Hammer. It's installed =). Thanks for the great comments and criticisms! I'm well on my way!!!

by Tin decoy on July 9, 2002 · Rating:

i really liked the race map, some map you have to go kind of slugish to keep from falling, but the map you can just tear around at top speed.

by ]Bio]-[azard[ on July 9, 2002 · Rating:

Thanks for the great comment. I appreciate it and I didn't want you Speedracer fans to get tired of the same old autorepairing pitstops and crazy cool track so I popped in to say hello and tell you that I STILL have lots planned for speedracer so keep checking back from time to time!

by RG_Crusader on April 17, 2004 · Rating:

well done, but the back of the factory is a big glitch, no start and finish line, and wonders why there is a path outside the track?