Summit Raceway by EEPROM on December 20, 2001

Race Other Clear Client Side Custom Textures

Looks like Santa has heard my cries and has given me a nice G-Force 3. So, looks like EEPROM is back making Tribes2 maps again, oh boy!

I would like to start off by thanking Tokrz for creating the incredible skybox artwork in this map. Tokrz is a true artist with incredible talent and this sky really made the finishing touches for this map. Thanks Tokrz, this bong load is on me!

Now, here is the low-down on this Race map. Basically this is a teaser map for a bunch of other maps to follow. It’s simply a huge single mountain with a road cut into its side that winds around it all the way to the top. This would be more like an off-road rally style race map, which means there are no banked turns and the road is kind of rough in spots. Never the less, quite fun racing a Grav-Bike up it or any other ground vehicle for that manner. The trick is to race up it and then back down as fast as you can while trying to stay on the road. I have added road flares to help guide you up the mountain. Tunnels, trees, rocks, huge ledges, snow, fog, huge rock arches and nasty turrets are some of the things you will encounter on your way up the mountain. It’s fun to race it by yourself but even funner with a bunch of friends, and harder too. I especially enjoy running my friends off the steep cliffs, LOL! Once you get to the top you make a roundabout and head back down the same road with a rocket chasing you. I have also given full vehicle support so you can race anything you wish. Currently there is no supporting mod or official rules for these maps (that I know of) so feel free to make up your own rules. One rule I have is if you fly off the road and slide down the mountain you must return to the starting line and go from there. Same goes if your bike is destroyed or if you die.

Keep an eye open for a Siege map and a CTF map soon to come out using this same mountain road idea.

Back in the saddle again!!!!!!!


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by Iczer3 on December 20, 2001 · Rating:

*gasp* :D !!!!! He's baaacccckkkkkkk.... (shouts of joy for an early Christmas present from EEPROM)
and before i download this map that looks pretty darned cool and VERY large when taking into the size of the vbay(s) in the upper left corner of SS4, YAY!YAY!YAY!YAY!YAY!

by Alundra on December 20, 2001 · Rating:

Dang this looks nice, Ive always liked the looks of EEPROM's maps. They are all very visually apealing, espicially the sky thats some good work on that, and it seems like a sleding map, hehe.

by D.N.A. on December 20, 2001 · Rating:

Wow! Awsome work on this map! Looking forward to the others! Wish I could do as good as you. I'm working on a sky myself...not good so far. Anyway I have so say you are the reason I started to map and try to map better. Anyway Map is great, good fun and good luck with your future maps! DOWNLOAD THIS!!!!!!!

by Snow Storm on December 20, 2001 · Rating:

This is great! And I think your idea of a seige map having the defenders on top of the mountain is great! Welcome back!

by Alundra on December 20, 2001 · Rating:

umm this isn't a siege map, oh and I just checked out the map up close once more and I wish I could give it an A+ its KICK ACE! The tunnel, the whole converting from lush to snow its awesome.

by Deathscythe~40 on December 21, 2001 · Rating:

WOW! EEPROM never lets us down does he? this looks amazing...nice Bryce sky assuming that this is the terrain from Dom's Revenge just tweaked...pretty god damn well done! there really needs to be a nice fast jeep or monster truck in some mod somewhere...that would own! anywho, glad your back, "el messiah de mappage"! ^_^

by EEPROM on December 21, 2001 · Rating:

No Deathscythe~40, this is actually built off of the Hell On Earth map I made long time ago that no one ever DL. Well, tweaked quite a bit too.

by Uranium-235 on December 24, 2001 · Rating:

My god! Excellent fog placement, although I wish you would of contacted me before you released it so I could make some better particles and put some pointlights ee. Good work and I'm very glad to have you back

by killbot on March 12, 2002 · Rating:

wow, this looks awesome. first thing i thought of when i saw the map pic, was the mario 64 cool cool mountain level. :P

by k40 on July 30, 2002 · Rating:

It was awsome you start out low in the moutains then climb higher and i starts to snow! I liked the sky when u were at the top of the moutain.I usally dont use this word because im a boy but when u were at the top of the moutain looking out into the blue sky it was pretty.

by Saber15 on July 9, 2004 · Rating:

VERY Good But Its Impossible To Win?
How About Once You Get To The Top You Jump Into A Teleporter And Go To The Top Of Another Mountain With Grav Bikes Already There And Race To the Bottom To Get a Flag?