Breath_Deep by =/\CE= on August 5, 2002

Capture the Flag Badlands Clear

Weird base set up I think...well when you go into a server like _Tex houston Vehicles you will come out with a brain full of imagination:)
Only Vehicles you can have are the airbourne type..shrike,bomber,trans because of where the bases are the land is not ground vehicle great.Ill be testing it more to see if anything needs to be changed.Only thing that gets me worried is that one of the bases are a lil closer than the other base to the mid bridge.Have fun!!

Minotaur-improved- by =/\CE= on July 29, 2002

Capture the Flag Badlands Clear

Well i think alot of vet t2 players will love this intense version of minotaur.This is the second map of my "Improved" series.A gen holds power to the force fields on the inven base..both sides cn now be opened...NO MORE TURTLING!!Unless you have good gen defense hehe.Hope this map is great for all of you..bring mino back to life with a little more nastiness!!!

Disaster by Red Shifter on July 19, 2002

Siege Badlands Clear Client Side

A terrible disaster has taken place. The enemy base is now vulnerable. Attack swiftly and quickly, or you will miss this chance.

Disaster is the map which is the answer to strategic battle everywhere... in Siege.

Honey I Shrunk the Tribes by Vain|^| on July 17, 2002

Capture the Flag Deathmatch Badlands Clear Client Side Custom Textures

CTF Version: This map is more of a concept and "ooooo look at the eye candy" map than a truly serious, playable, CTf map. I liked the concept of trying to cap the flag when everything's bigger than you are so that's why I made it, just have fun w/ it.

DM Version: It's at night and while it has the same eyecandy I wouldn't stand around looking at it. This version was meant to be played and seriously. (But have fun and see if you can find all the weird places to hide)

The Story: Why are you small?

The Dark Sea 2 by D.N.A. on July 17, 2002

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Badlands Foggy Bots Night

Hello...long time no see! Kind of fell away from Tribes for awhile. Just lost the feeling. but things look good with the new editor so I must practice on that for my next maps I will do.
Anyway to the's part 2 of The Dark Sea, as if you did not already know that. Tried to make it more of a chalenge. The terrain is not realy even, nor the base. Nothing MAJOR different but just moved things around. Bases are about 800 meters away. Flag is in the open.
Vehicles are in minuse the MPB. I must say for the ground V's you might wont to drive to the side instead of straight forward.

Geronimo by ???Unknown??? on July 16, 2002

Siege Badlands Raining

This is my second map. It was originally called Death From Above, and that's what it's been called in beta on the pond server over the past few weeks. However, unfortunately, someone uploaded a CTF map yesterday by that name so I had to change the name :(. Oh well, I suppose this name fits just as well.

On this map the Offense spawns on a base high above the Defense base. They jump off the base (hence the name "Geronimo!") and land in orange FF's atop the Defense base. They then must destroy the 2 FF generators outside to gain access to the base.

Gas Mask by Cobalt on July 10, 2002

Capture the Flag Badlands Foggy

Gas Mask is a fast, offense oriented map, with many possible capping routs. Due to the flag stand being out in the open on the face of a hill, it will take at least 2 HoF to do the job that one with some decent LD could do to keep the flag at their base. Bases consist of 4 inventory stations, one sentry turret, one large turret, and one vehicle pad (equipped with a spam/sniper shield).

Fortuitous by Golarth on July 3, 2002

Siege Badlands Storming Bots

my first attempt at a siege map, (very) loosely based on Casern Cavite. The Defense's base is arranged in generator tiers. Offense shouldn't even attempt to enter the base until the Tier 1 generator falls. Then, there are two generators powering Tier 2, making it somewhat difficult to take out. Destroying Tier 3 isn't absolutely necessary to capture however, as destroying the base generator will open up the flag room as well. If Tiers 1 & 2 & Base are all out, the easy cap route can be taken via the center shaft.