Havoc by Wipeout on February 6, 2005

Capture the Flag Desert Clear

This map is very large the bases are 2k apart. Each Side is Identical.

The flags are Reversed. Your teams flag is at other teams base and the enemys flag is at yours. To grab the enemys flag you will need to destroy the force field generator at the enemys base.

I had mixed ideas on how I wanted to make this map so I made two versions. The first version is very simple compared to the second. The first version you can only buy Havocs at vehical station.

The Second version. You still can only buy Havoc at your base. There are 5 objectives. 2 of them alow your team to get all vehicals.

CraterFB by Wipeout on January 29, 2005

Capture the Flag Other Desert Clear

This is a Football map with alittle twist. Its is possible to get the other teams flag with alittle teamwork because its not easy to get.

Each team is identical and the bases are 850m apart. The unassigned flag is directly in the center of the map. The visability is 650m. There are 2 captuarble bases, that will provide a closer spawn point to unassigned flag,sensors, and inventorys.

Escena by BehalekGroon on January 3, 2005

Capture the Flag Desert Clear

On a barren planet orbiting a red dwarf star, the endless sands of an equatorial desert conceal a secret Phoenix training camp.

Vehicle pads are equipped with force fields to prevent easy kills by enemy shrike pilots. Tanks, MPBs, and gravcycles are only available via the objective vehicle pad. No known bugs.

Barricade by Spartan119 on December 15, 2004

Capture the Flag Desert Clear

Flags are around 1500m apart, along with rolling hills and an objective at midway...
Bases are pretty big and their vehicle stations are defended on 3 sides from bombers, they are protected with a plasma turret which is on the ceiling of the entrance, and are linked to the ground by a big ramp.
Main base is similar to the one in Starfallen... just some different arrangements with the generators and inventory stations... and they are on huge platforms...

Fenix by Spartan119 on November 18, 2004

Capture the Flag Desert Clear Night

This may be a good choice for those who like some range between the bases... in this case, the flags are 1384m apart.
there is a capturable objective at midfield that has inventory stations and 2 towers nearby with 2 turrets, 1 med. sensor and an inventory for each tower each.
Each of the main bases has a Vehicle station, flag bunker (flag is on top in the open and there are inventories in the bunker), a Generator building, and a small bunker more towards midfield.

Borithnia by [KeGeN] on October 12, 2004

Capture the Flag Desert Clear Client Side

[CTF] with a twist!

Just like in t1,
There is a nutral base,
Supplyed with two hefty turrets.

Flip the switch and its yours!
The nutral base will now be controled by your team as will its turrets!

Thats a big leg up! :)

You will have to destroy there solar pannels and generator to capture the flag! Enjoy!
Map by: KeGeN