Embers by The Driver on September 4, 2003

Capture the Flag Desert Snowing Client Side

The original terrain and base layout by Chano. The "snowing" ash was also done by Chano.
I added a few things to the map to balance it, fixed a spawnsphere bug problem that Chano was having and deleted some unnessecary items to tidy up the overal look of the map.

Each team's flag is located in a shallow crater, defended by an ELF turret that will almost certainly need to be destroyed for a successful cap.
The main generators are located inside a small tower that has been converted into a bunker. The repair pack is also inside this bunker/tower.

Flatland Soaked by Gibber222 on August 10, 2003

Other Desert Clear

Map By JackTL
Edited By Chicken

This Is A Soaked Version Of Flatland It has Three Bases for you to build in or you can build in the water the water is less then 1 inch deep.

The Pool by The Driver on August 8, 2003

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Desert Foggy

Small map for 10 vs 10 play. Also includes CnH support.

Both flags are each at the bottom of seperate "wells" that have dried up recently due to the warm weather on this planet.
Bases are close together, adding to the intensity.

Nona Vee by Lagg_Alot on August 6, 2003

Capture the Flag Desert Clear Bots

You could say that this is the Siege map Gauntlet, modified for CTF. In fact that is exactly what it is. Of course I have included custom AI files for all those Bot lovers out there. Ask a bot to be a bombardier.

Reprisal by Celios on July 29, 2003

Siege Desert Clear Night

Reprisal is an indoor Siege map loosely based on Containment’s style of play. While aimed primarily at lower player numbers, the map is nonetheless pretty flexible when it comes to team sizes.

The offence starts out at a tiny bunker in the base’s basement. Initially, they only have one route into the main area of the base, though this path is well protected against spam. The attackers’ first objective is to destroy both ForceField generators, which are moderately hard to get at.

Dirtball by DSEZKiller on July 1, 2003

Other Desert Clear Night

This map takes place above a ocean of quicksand on a tiny plate form. The teams must race towards to flag in the center of the map and bring it back to their own side while dodging the enemy attacks and trying not to fall into the Quicksand. Thanks to code by Alingis the quicksand is lava retextured to look like quicksand and the custom death messages that were taking from Convoy. I’m not sure who originally made the code but thanks. I really hope you guys enjoy this. This is my 37th map 2 over Necrobones. This is also my 1-year anniversary of the day I released my first tribes 2 map.

Desert Chaos by Drumstix42 on June 30, 2003

Arena Desert Foggy Bots

This is another one of my Arena Maps. I based this one on a game that would be balanced, but not letting either side have a disadvantage/advantage. There is much room to move around, and places to jump up to. This map puts up some pretty fun competition, and the but support works very well. It's has a slightly green haze, but nothing to stop your sight. Once again, I hope you all have fun with this one. More to come!

Dome Arena by Drumstix42 on June 28, 2003

Arena Bounty Deathmatch Hunters Team Hunters Desert Clear Bots

Here's my second Arena map. I've decided to throw in some other gameTypes since this is a good mission for multiple types. I built this map inside a huge dome in which players have much room to battle, but there are limits. This keeps away from the Out Of Bounds part, and slightly hard to hide from your predator =).

This should be a pretty fun mission with several players, and bot support is included. As usual, the map is server side. Thanx again to the Community. Have fun with this one. =D