Warlords Wasteland by EEPROM on January 25, 2003

Capture the Flag Desert Storming Bots Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

This is the second map in the Warlords series. This battle takes place on a planet once covered by thick green vegetation, lakes and rivers. After the great eruption of the planet’s core most of the land was turned to barren wasteland. The Warlords now fight for survival.

The main bases in this map are heavily defended with rocket and mortar turrets. I recommend sneaking into the dungeon and then make your way up to the gen room and take out the gen first. There are many secret passages in the main base interior.

2-SpyArena by DSEZKiller on January 20, 2003

Arena Desert Clear

This map is for you indoor lovers. This map is completely indoors. You spawn in a room with ammo and weapons you must then search the base for a pack. It might be helpful to find a pack before the other team finds you. Thanks to all the beta testers and everyone in the forums. Hope you guys enjoy this one. ---DSEZ

WhatArena by DSEZKiller on January 17, 2003

Arena Desert Clear Night

This map is fast. The capture able base located in the middle of the spawn bases of the 2 teams. The capture able base allows the team who has possession to use the invis. There are pieces of fallen walls to hide behind and snipe. This map was named after a good friend What2Wear. Thanks to all the beta testers. Especially Jambon for the time you and me spent on this one map. Thanks to Elmo for the map hyping he did on Thanks again to everyone peace out.

Quicksand by Jambon on January 12, 2003

Siege Desert Foggy

This is one of the largest Siege maps to date. The offense has to use the vehicles supplied, or else... it takes a while. That's all.

The defense has two forcefield generators and two switch generators. The secondary generators cannot be repaired, but they are harder to get to. The defensive base is spread out quite a bit, so being in the right place is a matter of skill and luck.

Thanks to DSEZ, Red Shifter, Nutcracker, and everyone who tested the map and gave constructive criticism, rather than just annoy me and diss the map. You know who you are.

Desert Reign by Ensign Munro on January 12, 2003

Siege Desert Clear Night

This is my 3rd overall siege map, but it is my First fully working one! The waypoint actrually change when you destroy an enemy generator! So, anyway, about the map. Lets see......

I got the name from god knows where, but i got the idea for the map on my own. The attacker's and defender's bases are about 450 clicks away from each other, so there are no vehicle stations. There are 5 generators that the attackers must kill to get to the switch: The BaseFF gen, the 2 Main Gens, the Defense Gen, and the equipment Gen. The main, D, and Equip. gens need to be down to cap.

Night Of The Phoenix by DSEZKiller on January 7, 2003

Siege Desert Clear Night

This map has takin me many days and long hours. This map is a fast pace rape and capture the base map. This map was made for the players who love the shocklance. There are so many hiding spots to sneak up on the opponent. The offense will easily cap if the defense is not set up quick and well. Thanks to all the players on the pond and other people. Especially Morgoth Buaglir for going through the map in the early stages to improve the game play. Thanks to everyone who has kept siege alive for so long.

ToxicGraveyard by SSBeast on December 24, 2002

Capture the Flag Desert Foggy Bots Client Side Custom Shapes Night

Well I hope you enjoy this one. It's my first dive into the world of custom objects.

This map is pretty easy. Each team has 4 teleporter pads. One is inside the flag tower which will take you up to the top (since there are no stairs) and one inside the vehicle bay (protected by ff's) which also leads to the top of the tower. Each pad operates for both teams in both directions and will allow you to take the flag thru it. There are 2 generators per team.

Battle In The Stars by _Tex on December 18, 2002

Capture the Flag Desert Foggy Night

This map is based *very* roughly on a Tribes 1 map by Necrobones.

Basically his map gave me an idea, and I built off of it. The two main bases are in the air *the hovering starships* the flag is located on the ground near a vpad one can use to get back up top if they fall.
The shrike count is VERY high and the bomber/havoc count is rather low. 2 MPB's help to keep the flag covered. It will take teamwork to cap.

Uphill Battle by ???Unknown??? on December 11, 2002

Siege Desert Foggy

The Offense must fight their way up a fortified mountain to reach the base at the top.

There are 3 bunkers along the way that must be taken out in order. As each bunker generator gets destroyed, the offense takes over that bunker and spawns there, until the next bunker is taken down, then they spawn there.

This map is pretty small, with the offense never far from the defense, so it can be pretty intense and/or "spammy". Then again, all my maps tend to be spammy...