The Gutter by Cyborg_Boba_fet on June 26, 2004

Other Other Clear Client Side

I know allot of you dont like construction maps. But i think this one is really cool because of all the time i spent being bored. As you can see by all of the pictures i drew on the terrain.

but its not just a flat map. its acctually a map that has perfectly balanced hills. so they are a straight angle. and go from the lowest terrain to the highest terrain point.

So to spice it up a lil. i put water going through the middle of it.

MageMod Map Pack by MageMod on June 16, 2004

Capture the Flag Siege Other Clear

Dear Players,

The "MageMod MapPack" contains the official maps for MageMod. There are eight maps. Some of the maps are recreations of other maps I've uploaded, but with fixed FPS issues. These maps should work with all mods!

For example; Arrogant Queens now has less objects that make up each castle, and Acropolis is easier to cap in (ie.

Ocean Breeze by DSEZKiller on June 15, 2004

Siege Other Clear

This map was made by Verna and DSEZ and the scripting was done by Alingis and A Tiny Fishie. The basic map elements; sky, fog, starting bases, and water were taken from Tex's map Ocean Front Property. The teleport pads and scrip was done by Sparky. In this map the offensive team starts out in 2 bases each on other sides of the maps. To open the force field around the floating switch they have to take down all 3 sandcastle generators. They also have a forward base in the middle of the map that they can repair and use.

Gauntlet- Jambons Unofficial Maps by Jambon on April 25, 2004

Other Other Clear

I ain't dead yet. And I've got a lot of maps to clean out, starting with my Team Gauntlet pack. These are all server-side, so no issues there. If you don't have Gauntlet, get it at http://gauntlet.tribesarena.com

Animosity- Inside the main room of the Recalescence base. Very tight, very fast, very little cover.

Conviction- After finding that I couldn't remake HamsterCage because of technical limits, I made this in its honor. All enclosed, with plenty of cover and blockades.

Determination- A thin, outdoor, dangerous dance.

Volcano Island by RavensBro on February 24, 2004

Capture the Flag Other Clear Client Side

This takes place on a Island with a Volcano in the middle of no where. Flags are 1458.0 apart there are no Vpads in here its all on foot so it will take team work! The flag's are in a little open bunker on the edge of the water. Stations are in a small open bunker to so easy to get at when needed.Any bug's or flaws please fill free to email me thanks.

Water Base by Shizzle on January 17, 2004

Arena Other Clear Bots Client Side

This map is a remake of "Beggers Run".............
So theres Lightning(added)
new terrian(added)
turrets on each side to prevent people from comming to kill you when your Afk

Formarena by DSEZKiller on January 12, 2004

Arena Other Clear Night

This map takes place on a oil rig in the middle of the ocean. Be careful and do not fall off or you might become fish food or drowned. most of the fighting will take place on the main plat for or the top of the platform. Below the plat form is a work of underwater pipes that make it easy to sneak around or snipe out of. Health packs are located in the center on the map on the floating platform. Thanks to all the wears,FormalWear,NightWear,Vince, Quetzal and everyone else who helped with the map.

Save Your Soul by yavor on January 2, 2004

Capture the Flag Other Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

Map designed for 14v14 or higher number of players.

Different types of terrains.

River's current.

Strong winds over vulcanoes.

Map for players who like advanced skiing. It is not a map where you can do what you want after 5 mins of playing. You have to explore this world to understand it.

Thanks for mates from clans sYs & BDX.

Thanks for creators of 3D objects and textures.

Special thanks for founders and creators of www.tribes2maps.com. Great job, guys.