T2FC by Wipeout on March 13, 2003

Capture the Flag Other Clear Bots Client Side

Alright finnally got it done. This map will put you dueling skills to the test. The MissleLauncher, Chaingun, and Sniper Rifle have been disable so that means for some good non-cheap dueling and now you can try other grenades besides flares :). Both teams are identical. The flags are about 700m apart. The battle ground is really smooth compare to most T2 maps. There is alittle bit of hills on the battleground thow. There is a river that separates the two teams with 3 brides connecting each side. Hope you enjoy :) later
- Wipeout

Cross by Vcyne on February 26, 2003

Capture the Flag Other Clear Client Side

Cross |CTF|
The two inventories are distant from flag, protected by a plasma and a sentry turret, that work by themselves (not powered by any generator). A large sensor not far from the flag stand. Each team owns a bunker located next to the middle of the map.The bunker possess a Missile Turret and two inventories, powered by a generator, located in the bunker too.
There isn't any sounds in the map but it's voluntarily.
The aim of Cross was for me the gameplay before all. I hope you'll enjoy!

Enjoy it!
Tribes 2 & Legend For Ever! ;)

2-Buffarena by DSEZKiller on February 10, 2003

Arena Other Foggy

This map is a 2v2 arena map made for my good friend and Wear, BuffWear. This map takes place high in the sky. The 2 floors help make this map one dangerous leap to the next. One wrong move could force you to fall into the lava below. There is 1 shocklance hidden in the lower layer. Also in the lower layer there are 2 shield packs. Thanks to the people of tribes2maps.com forums and many other people that help with the beta testing of this map and my other maps. Well hope you guys enjoy this one. I’m not sure if this is my last map, maybe this is. Thanks to all. Map number #30 yay!

D Map Pack by DSEZKiller on February 9, 2003

Other Other Clear

The (D) map pack contains 13 MinRabbit and LakRabbit maps. These maps are: Agents Of Fortune,Arrakis, Casern Cavite, Equinox, Escalade, Fracas, Fudds Frostbite, Invictus, MyrkWood, Oasis, Refuge, Underhill, and Whiteout. Arrakis, Fudds Frostbite, and Refuge were originally rabbit maps by Tex and i have edited into LakRabbit and MinRabbit maps. The other maps are basically the same maps but have been edited for the 2 mods. Thanks to I have a big gun, Uporia, and a few others for the beta testing. See you guys next time. ---DSEZ

Avalon by TheBerk on February 3, 2003

Capture and Hold Other Foggy Bots Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

Well finally got my CnH map out.. : )
hope its fun..
I threw bots in but they dont seem to care for objectives or the teleporters.. oh well maybe a good bot man could spice them up for me.. : )
I have been putting this map off for awhile as I am working on a full game version of Egyptia...
Its proving to be fun and rewarding but after a month I am burned out so back to the old stand in.. : )
Avalon is fun if you learn the routes.. : ) Its not too hard the teleporters are fairly easy to get too.. but the hardest part is getting the turtles out..

Anubis Horus by Deathscythe~40 on February 2, 2003

Capture the Flag Other Clear

This is a new twist on CTF. Both flags are in the center of the map surrounded by a massive forcefield wall (screen 1). On either end of the wall are defensive missile turrets (screen 2) which are controled by east and west bound objectives. The focus is to control both of those objs, or to defend your flag the best you can in flight. Extra air support can be found on the nearby floating stations (screen 3). The flag timeout has been raised to 2 mins. So if your flag is lost (or if you drop the flag) you have tons of time to navigate the massive flight arena to get it.

Bridge_of_Death by Computer5k on February 2, 2003

Arena Other Raining Bots Night

This is the first map I ever made so dont be surprised if it's bad.

I dont know how it will play with a lot of people because i have a firewall so i cant make a server.

Please put it on your server so people can actually see it.

FlyingElmo-Hybrid Pack by FlyingElmo on January 24, 2003

Arena Other Clear

The Hybrid pack wasn't designed with any one theme in mind. Instead, it was a
meshing of ideas, using elements that have proved successful in the past, as well
taking a few experimental risks. Unlike the previous maps I've done, I had no
starting layouts in mind. Basically, I winged it...spontaneously thinking of
ideas for maps while in the middle of designing them. I scrapped numerous ideas
after working on them for four or five hours and started over -- until they had
just the right sort of feel.

Miraculously, I managed to get them done, and done well.