Frozen Breath by PeachSkin on June 14, 2003

Capture the Flag Snow Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

There is no sensors in this map and HOs can easily ski straight base to base. But you can use sides skiroutes too like the cappers.

The tunnel in the middle offers a lot of health kits and patchs, chose to control it or not.

The forward base entrances lead directly to the gen but they are defended by sentry turrets so take care.

Dark Snow by Wolfgard on May 11, 2003

Capture the Flag Snow Foggy Night

Dark Snow is a CTF map set in an ice world after dusk, with fog in low laying areas.
Each team has a base on top of a hill and an underground vehicle station.

The base holds the flag and is defended by two base turrets. The base also has inventory stations and shields to help prevent snipping.

AlienRun by Wichita on May 5, 2003

Capture the Flag Snow Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

Two indentical starwolf theme jump towers grace either end of a meadering road on this ctf map. Near map center snowy terrain rises to become an imposing moutain capped with a neutral capturable jump tower. Try and plunge from this edifice on one of the two scout bikes or beowolf without exploding when finally striking ground so far below. Vehicle pads are inside each base complex for all your driving, shooting, flying, or full assault needs.

Containment -Large- by ???Unknown??? on April 21, 2003

Siege Snow Snowing

A remake of Containment, this version sports changes that will hopefully reduce spam and be better playable with larger teams and/or classic physics.

Changes from Containment are:
-Base is scaled to 125\%
-2 ways out of the offense base even with attic gen online.
-"Elevator" added to the first chute out of the offense base.
-Offense Hall Sentries removed, they hurt their team more than helped.
-Force Field layout changed, there are now more routes through the base and to the Main FF Gen.
-Only the Main FF Gen has to be down to get outside, but you can't cap from there unless all gens are dow

Cold as Ice by Lagg_Alot on April 15, 2003

Capture the Flag Snow Clear Bots Night

I took the base idea from Death Lobster's "Freeze Blasted" map. And I took the ice from ???Unknown???'s "Cold War" map. I got the name Cold as Ice from a team that gave me my first real lesson in CTF. I liked all three, so I incorporated them into this map. The flag is indoors and that can make it hard to cap. But a skilled player can fly in thought the window for a quick grab. The bases can be easily raped or repaired and distance between flags is small making for some fast game play.

Location Zero by SSBeast on April 13, 2003

Capture the Flag Other Snow Clear Bots Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes Night

Hey everybody, SSBeast here with probably the simplest map I have done to date.

Take one large Ice canyon, add in four spider transports, one impact crater, mix in players, and you have Location Zero. Each team has two spider transports as their bases. Each transpot in turn has 3 repair packs, 3 ammo packs, 3 shield packs, 1 satchel charge, 2 generators, 1 AA turret, and main body is protected by ff's. No inventory stations on this map friends. Why? you ask.

Daedalus by Red Five on April 11, 2003

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing

This is a simple CTF map I made on a whim. It's loosely based on the concept of Minotaur: a large, mostly underground base with a flag at each entrance. This version, however, is designed to accommodate more players. Rather than the comparatively linear Minotaur base, I utilized the labyrinthine Ultima Thule base, which is one of the most colossal bases and possibly the most labyrinthine in the game. Since this base also has a similar layout to the one in Minotaur (i.e.

KatabaticFortified by Wichita on April 9, 2003

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing Bots

I have been playing Katabatic alot lately and have become quite sick of having to constantly defend the gens. So folks I put an extra step in for the fatboy base raping campin in the basement = no vehicles jugs. If they wanna kill the gens they gotta kill another gen in a bunker by the vehicle pad which will drop a team only FF for the basement generators.

Neve by Nycto on April 4, 2003

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

The mission takes place on a snow-covered planet. It was once used for mining, but was abandoned when the planet ran out of resources. When the workers were ordered to leave, it was decided that the equipment had depreciated so much that the cost to remove and transport it was too much. Mining machines, storage tanks, immense pipe networks and processing gear were all left.

The flags in this map are about 800m apart, and they sit fairly high above the ground. Each side has a remote base with a v-pad and a tunnel leading through a mountain from the main base to the remote base.

Abacus by Jugger d2 on April 1, 2003

Capture the Flag Snow Clear Client Side Night

Abacus uses crates for the full enjoyment of it. The crates will make the rooms feel different. Its nothing like you've seen. Think you can get to the gen room? Well show me how. Think you can get out of the room with flag? Well then get by the satchel man waiting behind a crate. Each base his only one entrance, only one exit.
Your mission: Get by the first entrance, there could be a satchel right under your feet. Then if you make it you will get to the next area. Where the defenders may be waiting with shields and mortar just waiting for you to pop out.