ThunderArena by FlyingElmo on October 19, 2001

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Alphea-A virtually deserted planet inhabited for the sole purpose of scientific expermentation.
Tribal Scientists have created a machine with incredible destructive potential: it allows for the controlling of lightning. The machine will surely turn the tide of war for whomever steals it. One problem however: the machine has gone haywire.

Ok, see the pic on the far right. That is one the one I will be referring to. Let me explain how this map works. The DangerZone is the reddish area where you'll have a 25\% chance of being hit by lightning. The boundaries (walkways in game) mark the extent of how far the lightning can go. You might still be hit when you're near the boundaries, but to a lesser degree than when you're actually inside of em.

Theres an objective in the dead center of the map that "controls" the lightning. If your team should claim the objective, the lightning will only damage the other team. Hence, whoever owns the objective owns the entire center of the map, which includes health and ammo. The other team will be at a huge disadvange, because they'll own less area, will have to stay out of the center, and not have readily access to health or ammo.

Heres the balancing factor though. The team that doesn't control the switch has 1 thing going for them: there are some huge hills outside the dangerzone they can hide behind or snipe from. They also have the advantage of knowing where their opponents are (the center), though there opponents won't know for certain where they are.

Thanks to Vektor and rAeL for the modified lightning code. Check out Vektor's scripts at

***Final Note***You MUST have the latest patch to play this map, otherwise it is clientside. I included the terrain for those of you who refuse to patch.

Feedback, bugs, and questions are always welcome.


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