Training 6 - Abaddon by Jimomighty on September 21, 2002

Single Player Badlands Clear Bots Client Side Custom Shapes

Training 6 (Abaddon) [v2] <P> Abaddon, the location where the Horde's Spawning Centers lay. You must attack and destroy the spawning centers to gain victory against the Horde. <P> This map has a addon pack which is highly recommended to download: <BR> <P> For more information check out: <BR>


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by Scaled_One on April 23, 2003 · Rating:

Oh I'm not Jimbo, I have much respect for your work, I just thought i'd be fair and honest instead of saying 'wow this's the best thing since sliced bread'. Admittedly its damned good, but it could be better still. After I put myself through mapmaking 101, 202, 303, an 404 I'm gonna do a few tweaks to this as well as come out with a few siege maps of myw own.

by great hog on September 25, 2002 · Rating:

New terrain; getting to ride Transport with at least 4 AI bots !! Incredible. Altho the objective has not been achieved yet.

by Scaled_One on April 21, 2003 · Rating:

Love the concept and so far the exicution's great. However here's a list of problems I have with the map.

In the briefing it says that you're authorized to use any and everything at their disposal. Apparently they have only a havoc to spare and no heavy armors.

Once you reach the derm tower its unclear on why exactly your transport goes boom. Also in the tower as a would be nice there should be some sort of command switch to switch the tower assets to you, otherwise you either have to come equipped with a remote inventory station or haul your butt back to Tohol Fort and rearm/kit up.

There's no permenent waypoint marker to your fort, there should be considering that other than that there's no possible way to restock.

Thusfar my biggest concern is the derm voices, they're too soft, can't hear 'em over the music/ambient noise. However I do like the touch of adding yourself as a Derm Jim, hee, used spiderclamps on the tops of all the pillers and you died first. Shame that one of the derms got through the shields before it therefore I did.

All in all so far an impressive, although flawed, work that draws from several already visited maps. Question though, why'd you use a diamond sword base as the fort? Former sworder world?