TVDemo by eforhan on July 22, 2003

Arena Bounty Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Deathmatch Defend and Destroy Hunters Other Rabbit Race Siege Single Player Team Hunters Other Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

For mappers: This demos a modified Forcefield which allows TVs and monitors with up to five frames of animation. /scripts/tvscreen.cs is well documented to help create your own versions. Like FFs, the screens are connected to a generator and thus can be turned off. Included graphics are a Matrix-like one, a dancing girl, and the T2 intro.

I hope this comes in handy to add a little life to your maps!

-Eric aka Traveller2010

TimmysArenaOfPain by DynaBlade81 on July 5, 2003

Arena Lush Foggy

This is a One of a kind map. Some of you people who are familiar with drugs and acid may like this map a little too much. The Yellow sky, Blue fog and pink Red and yellow rain should add some high feeling as well as that water that seems to make you bounce!!!! :O Wow your high now!

KittyKatsArena by DynaBlade81 on July 1, 2003

Arena Lush Clear

I Made this map because i couldnt stop thinking about KK today. It almost brought a tear to my eye! So I made a quick map to release some of my stress. RIP KK, We miss ya a tone!

Two Floored Madness by Drumstix42 on June 30, 2003

Arena Lush Clear Bots

Here comes another one of my Arena maps! w00t. Lol. Anyhow, this map is a narrow, medium size map, connected by a bridge, and 2nd floor in the middle leaded to by sets of stairs. It's a nice clear map, and has ammo/repair kits spread through to keep the battle going. Bots work well on this map. A good map for few or many players. Enjoy! Thank you Tribes2Maps for being a great host as always.

Desert Chaos by Drumstix42 on June 30, 2003

Arena Desert Foggy Bots

This is another one of my Arena Maps. I based this one on a game that would be balanced, but not letting either side have a disadvantage/advantage. There is much room to move around, and places to jump up to. This map puts up some pretty fun competition, and the but support works very well. It's has a slightly green haze, but nothing to stop your sight. Once again, I hope you all have fun with this one. More to come!

RockinArena by DynaBlade81 on June 29, 2003

Arena Lush Clear

A small Arena map with 2 bunkers for each team. Each bunker contains 3 inventorys and a Snipers Spy Hole for your teams use! On the Battle field there are many things to use to your advantage like a bridge crossing through the middle of the map and many rocks and platforms! Beware for this map Rocks!

Dome Arena by Drumstix42 on June 28, 2003

Arena Bounty Deathmatch Hunters Team Hunters Desert Clear Bots

Here's my second Arena map. I've decided to throw in some other gameTypes since this is a good mission for multiple types. I built this map inside a huge dome in which players have much room to battle, but there are limits. This keeps away from the Out Of Bounds part, and slightly hard to hide from your predator =).

This should be a pretty fun mission with several players, and bot support is included. As usual, the map is server side. Thanx again to the Community. Have fun with this one. =D

Nocturnal Rise by Drumstix42 on June 27, 2003

Arena Volcanic Foggy Bots Night

I've decided to make several Arena maps for myself and the public. I'll be making all serverside, or hopefully.

This is another one of those floating Arena maps. I've always like the type and decided to give it a shot. Both base are exactly identical. Bot support included, which works pretty well. Just when bots go into 'evasive mode' they like to jump of the side ;).

Hope you all have fun with this map. I've tested it thoroughly and should have no flaws. Thanx to the Tribes2Maps community, for your help, and for be such a great host.

KittyKats Cradle by DSEZKiller on June 17, 2003

Arena Other Other Clear Night

This map is in loving memory of a good friend of mine (KittyKat) who died April 23, 2003. Cause of death was bleeding to death while having a baby. The baby is fine and the baby is at home with Josie's (KittyKats) husband Chris. This map resembles heaven in which KittyKat's soul will rest forever. Thanks to everyone who has sopported me in makin this map. I feel this is the only way i may help her legacy live on. -- DSEZ

Ragmrena by FragFest2 on April 24, 2003

Arena Volcanic Clear Bots

Small and compound mission while still providing alot of room to move. Watch out for lava! Hidden weapons and packs.
More maps to come. Shout out to Ragmens!