2-EveningArena by DSEZKiller on January 10, 2003

Arena Other Clear Night

2v2 Arena Map. No invis ,ammo, weapons and packs everywhere.This map was made for my really good friend EveningWear. This map was originally part of the Wear Map pack i was doing but i dropped the project. This map is just bridges connected to each other to make a crazy arena. Watch your fall on this map. Might end up with a burning feeling =).This map never had a offical public beta but thanks to the people who helped. Eveningwear,joft,and others. Thanks to everyone.

Arena In The Sky by DSEZKiller on January 10, 2003

Arena Other Foggy

Remake of Gon's Tribes 1 map Arena in the Sky.The map is set up in the air the map is set up so both spawning bases are the base from Broadside.This a bridge that goes from on top of one bas to the top of the other. There are three Bridges that are at the bottom spawning point the left and the right most bridges are the tribes 1 remake bridges which are 2 put together on each sode. The middle bridge in T1 was a brown ground so i used the desert wall.

ProArena by DSEZKiller on January 8, 2003

Arena Lush Clear Client Side

This map was a tribes 1 map made by Proto. This map is pretty balanced.The map takes 2 stonehenge bases places them facing each other. 3 bridges connecting each base. Then to the sides of the bases are the Dangerous Crossing Bases with health Kits in them for on the run repairs. Thanks to Fly Elmo for gettin people to beta test it witht he post on and thanks to the beta testers for the support and info.Stay tuned for more Arena maps soon.

Wonderena by DSEZKiller on December 16, 2002

Arena Snow Snowing Night

Its me again DSEZ back with a new map. This map is a arena map for and dedicated to my good friend WonderWear. This map is a fast and fun map. The base that the team spawns at is the refurnished Katabatic base Nefilim did. Which is in the re-release of tribes 2 and the one now required to play .The two bases are connected by a bridge which in the middle has repair kits and patches. Up above in the middle of the bridge in the lower tower is a satchel waiting to be used. The Upper Mid base is Switch Controlled. The mid bas is capturable.

Classic Arena Pack by FlyingElmo on December 9, 2002

Arena Other Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

You've been asking for it since the first version of arena
hit Tribes II servers. Now, one year later, your wishes
have been answered.

I'm happy to present to you the first full-fledged attempt
at bringing the most memorable Tribes I arena maps into
Tribes II. This has been made possible through the hard
work of many individuals, as well as the people who brought
the originals to us to begin with.

Included in this pack are 9 serverside maps, and 1 client-
side map.

Tex Pack Arena by _Tex on September 14, 2002

Arena Other Clear

This is my Arena Map Pack, play tested for over two weeks, modified countless times, now I think it's time to release it.

Every single one of these maps will support up to 4 teams at once. Enjoy, and thanks elmo for your advice :-)

Moonlight Sonata - Night, dark black fog to give the appearance of night.

Waterbox - Very large over/under water stage.

Cagematch - Taken directly from -Fat Tony-'s Turkish Fortress with some Arena modifications.

Cthulhu - Firestorm with a big twist for Arena.

Volcarena by DSEZKiller on August 26, 2002

Arena Volcanic Clear Night

In the year 1834 when Demicheck was trying to be the first person to travel arond the world in a ship.There was a bad storm one night and the ship crashed they ended up on a unknown island.They set up camp. But they did not know the island was just a Volcano. When they went to rest one night the Volcano errupted and there was no way off the island. They all died a horrible death. In the year 3456 they came out of hell and through Volcano for one last fight to free there soul. From internal damnation. Can you send them back to hell?

Free fall force fields by Cyborg_Boba_fet on July 28, 2002

Arena Lush Clear Bots Night

This is my first arena map so far. I hope that you all like the bot support because it too me a long time to get it.

Also if you get cought in the FF you will most likely fall to your death or get burned in lava.

Tempest by EveningWear on July 27, 2002

Arena Lush Clear

A lush environment is preparing for a storm. 4 Blood Eagle towers are open for the taking, too bad both teams got there at once. Lots of trees, rocks, and sound effects. Boxes litter the bridges and towers.