TFarenaQUADpack by FlyingElmo on January 25, 2002

Arena Other Clear

Team Fusion Arena is proud to present their latest creation, the TFarena QUAD pack. Designed by various members of the clan, constructed by Elmo, the Quad pack represents the best that arena has to offer.

Enclosed in this pack are 4 new arena maps. Each are designed for gameplay that gets back to the grassroots of arena: quick, fierce, strategic combat. They use elements of arena that have proven to be popular in the past.

Having ran for weeks on Pnet Servers, the pack has been play tested and optimized as necessary.

Pit Arena by Reptyle on January 9, 2002

Arena Volcanic Clear

In this arena map, players must fight for dominance over a deep pit connected to its edges by bridges where, if one falls in, one may not come back out alive. Inventories are located on Plateaus around the pit, and in the center of the pit lies another plateau that contains heal kits and patches.

A fast paced action-packed map that will heighten your arena experience.

Flooded Railway Arena by Retsam on January 6, 2002

Arena Lush Clear Bots

Another outdoor map in Plank Arena style. Generally the terrain does most of the work in hosting the battles. Going for repairs and extra ammo could get you into a lot of trouble. Railway sleepers have been laid through the valley, but contruction was aborted due to flooding.

ArenaXPS by Quiksilver- on January 5, 2002

Arena Desert Clear Client Side

An Arena Map that was made for intense action . Not for Campers =-p. 2 Bases are conencted by a large bridge. many obstacles are contained around that bridge and below the bridge. The Area of battle it marked by the surrounding walls. A Health Bunker located under the bridge contains Repair Patches and kits. 2 Side platforms also contain a single repair patch. A large wall is contained in the middle of the bridge to rpevent from spamming at the beginning of the map. Theres are also 3 of the same type of walls at each teams base. 2 on the Sides and one on top.

PlankArena by Retsam on December 23, 2001

Arena Lush Clear

PlankArena was my first map. I had not released it because 1) I thought the planks would be temporary 2) I borrowed the bases from Boot's map. Anyway, this is a commonly enjoyed map at server so I finally decided to leave it as is.

Arena area walled in. Shallow water area in centre traps players who miss the health kits and patches. Large planks hold extra ammo and more repair packs. PlankArena has always been a nice looking map in terms of colour variations.

Elevation by GnomesWear on December 17, 2001

Arena Desert Clear Bots

Long ago, many oil dwelers found a new way of getting energy. They made large pipes that when wind would rapidly blow past them they would consume bacteria and other deadly dieases. 2 clans need this structer to take over this planet which has been flodded with water spots that are 500 degress hotter then molten volcanic ash. There is no turning back this time, either you die here or you live here the choice is yours.

Ive made this map for the T2 econmy to show that the wears love you all. I hope you all enjoy the time i spent making this map for you. Happy lubbin!

Coliseum by Dace on November 27, 2001

Arena Desert Clear

Alright, I put this map together in a couple of days after reading a request for it in another map review.

This is an attempt to recreate the ancient roman/greek coliseum's. The true fighting area is a circular arena. On the outside, done more so for eyecandy, there are stadium seats as well as columns in the background.

The map starts, you have a 15 second grace period. After the 15 seconds are up the gates open up and you have 15 seconds to leave. Once the gates close you cannot reach the inventory again.

FourWayCheckmate by Dace on November 18, 2001

Arena Other Clear Night

This map is an extension of BooT's original Checkmate map. This map includes support for the new multiteam Arena support and such is a four team map(hence the title).

Including with this map is custom script designed for this map. There is a multicolor script which will change the colors for each respective team. Further there is an rather harsh anti-sniper script included as well.

SofterBreeze by Max Smith on November 18, 2001

Arena Snow Snowing

This planet once filled with live and humans turned into a total disaster.

Clusters of commets rained on this plannet destroying many structures and killing almost all of the population. The planets atmosphere now is ruined for now it snows and rains harsly every day.

Only the strong will survive this map in both outdoor and indoor combat for this planet and whatever survivor's may be left. Good luck on your journeys....

Map By Gnomes!! AKA: Gnomes!!

BoxedIn by Max Smith on November 18, 2001

Arena Desert Clear Bots

Long long ago, 2 clans stumbled on a planet. There god cursed them and they were all improssened in a box of pure hell. Now they have to eleminate each other to survive.

Now it is your turn to change history... Can you change the tide of the war and live or will your soul and lifeless belongings be lost forever, for that decision is up to you...

Map By Gnomes!! AKA: Max Smith
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