XyphoidThunder by Max Smith on November 10, 2001

Arena Other Storming

2 remote clans stumbled on this planet to find that it has all been drowned out. The waste and toxins from the buildings have been washed in the water making it very easy to move.

Your Objective is to kill the other clan and get back to your home planet alive.

Theres no turning back this time

By Gnomes!!

BattleRoom by FlyingElmo on November 9, 2001

Arena Other Clear Bots Night

BattleRoom-The legendary training center for Interstellar soldiers, renowned for turning llama cadets into skilled fighters.

When soldiers enter battleroom they are immediately suprised by the sudden change in physics. The room's gravity has been decreased to a near anti-grav like state.

The Battleroom is totally enclosed; its walls form a circular shape. Stars (floating cubical structuresa)provide the only real cover the room offers.

This map tests the genius of the clan leader. Although the arena is small, the sheer number of strategies available is uncountable.

Jump the Jump by bubalicio on November 7, 2001

Arena Other Foggy Bots

This map is a map where your on playforms and you just jet around. Im not so sure how good it is but please leave reviews.
PS: My first map

Claustrophobia by RiverStyx on November 4, 2001

Arena Other Storming Client Side

The weapon facility, code-named Iron Fist, is the main munitions factory for the enemy. It is a tight corridored compound, with not much room for a battle. There are some reports of factory workers become claustrophobic.

FrontLine by FlyingElmo on November 4, 2001

Arena Other Clear Client Side

Antarui VI - A battlescarred planet, home to two warring clans. Recent floods have forced two groups of warriors to retreat for the hills. There they will continue their fight, locked in deadly combat regardless of their surroundings.

FrontLine features trench style warfare with a twist: the entire map is connected by an underground pipeline. Players can use it to facilitate travelling or use it to sneak attack an enemy.

ExtremeX by Max Smith on November 4, 2001

Arena Desert Clear

This is a small enclosed arena map with walls on all angels. Rocks and wall are there to protect against snipers. Healt located on southern rock, and brdige in middle. 2 bases on oposiset sides of map. Total map distance is about 800 KPH

King of the Mountain Arena by RiverStyx on October 24, 2001

Arena Snow Clear Client Side

Two rival Tribes fight it out over a GPS Facility on the highest moutain top on the Ice Planet, Kronos. Small mountain top battlefield makes for intense battles. Careful not to take a wrong step, a long icey demise awaits.

My first map, enjoy!

Entombed by FlyingElmo on October 21, 2001

Arena Desert Clear Night

An ancient civilization is said to have built this temple thousands of years ago. Completely buried by a massive sandstorm,it has remained untouched for centuries...that is about to change though. Two clans have discovered the ruins, and neither wants the other to have credit for the discovery.

This arena was designed to provide players with a map which plays like an outdoor map, but is completely enclosed.

The actual arena layout is fairly simple.