ThunderArena by FlyingElmo on October 19, 2001

Arena Other Storming

Alphea-A virtually deserted planet inhabited for the sole purpose of scientific expermentation.
Tribal Scientists have created a machine with incredible destructive potential: it allows for the controlling of lightning. The machine will surely turn the tide of war for whomever steals it. One problem however: the machine has gone haywire.

Ok, see the pic on the far right. That is one the one I will be referring to. Let me explain how this map works. The DangerZone is the reddish area where you'll have a 25\% chance of being hit by lightning.

TrueGrit by FlyingElmo on October 17, 2001

Arena Desert Clear Bots

Far from the front lines of war lies San Puejo, a sparcely populated town situated in the middle of the desert.
Two bands of bandits are attacking a prominent ranch on the outskirts of town in an attempt to loot it of its valuables. This town ain't big enough for them both though...

True Grit is possibly the most popular new arena map from the pack. Small, uncampable, and unsniperable (yes, thats a word), True Grit promises to bring fast paced, keyboard-clobbering action to any arena server.

Minerva by TySoft on October 14, 2001

Arena Lush Foggy

Fast paced indoor "cluster" map. Round limit default has been upped to 10 (from 7) since the map is very small and rounds fly by VERY quickly. The single satchel charge in the center of the map may come in handy. Health kits and ammo are placed around the map. There are no inventories at spawn, but three near the center of the map - if there were inventories at spawn, there would be a LOT of nade spam - and that's no fun.

ConstructionCarnage by FlyingElmo on October 4, 2001

Arena Badlands Clear Bots

On the industrius planet Gemsim III, construction of a weapons research facility is underway. Once built the facility could potentially supercharge an army's effectiveness. Two rival clans, briefed of the facility by their intelligence officers, have been dispatched to supervise its constuction...though only one will live to see it be completed.

Feedback, bug reports, and questions are always welcome.


Download the arena mod @

Anomarena by FlyingElmo on October 3, 2001

Arena Badlands Storming Night

Years of traditional thinking lead to an inevitable nuclear war between two rogue states...ultimately destroying the world as it was once know.

The apocalypse is now. Everything representing order was burned with the rest of the world.

The few survivers live on rigs in the middle of earth wasting away...turned into virtual quicksand by the weapons used for "defensive" purposes. They live their miserable lives from the rigs, only venturing off when hunger calls.

StrobeArena by FlyingElmo on October 1, 2001

Arena Volcanic Clear Bots Client Side Custom Shapes Night

Two superbly trained teams have been inserted into Tarseti's legendary arena, renowned for entertaining rich enthusiasts at a deadly cost- one team wont surive.
Affectionately refered to as "StrobeArena" by some, the arena suffers from electrical problems caused by an generate running over its designed limits, causing lighting fluctuations.

StrobeArena is a rather small, indoor arena. In order to survive here, a team must fight as a cohesive unit.

The actual arena will randomly turn the lights on and off every 15-30 seconds.

Feedback, bug reports, and questions are always welcome.

Aeroena by FlyingElmo on October 1, 2001

Arena Other Clear

Of all the maps I've created to date, this is probably the one I enjoy playing the most.

I originally wanted to do something out of bomberman, thats where the inspiration for this map comes from.

Aeroena takes place on the planet of ReliaV, a planet known for its inhospitable
environment. Shortly after the planet's birth, a meteorite collided with it, sending the planet into an ice age. In order to survive, the planet's inhabitants erected floating shelters in the sky.

PipeWreck Arena by Retsam on September 29, 2001

Arena Other Clear

Totally indoor map - 20x scaled, but fast. Great looking and open field of play for large teams. Huge base makes you feel really small...

ArenaAfterworldDUALpack by FlyingElmo on September 23, 2001

Arena Other Storming Night

Were you a brave warrior or a coward while you were living? Well friend, you're heading to one of two places.

The Arena Afterworld DUAL pack features 2 popular arena maps: Arena Heaven and Arena Hell. Both have distinctly different characteristics from each other.

ArenaHeaven:A small arena designed primarily for open play. This sanctuary sits on clouds high above the ground. Warriors may never leave this place however...I'll leave you to see for yourself ;)

ArenaHell: The poor warriors who end up here will suffer even more. Players glow an undead blue.